Monday, May 15, 2023



The subtlety by which we have been led astray is amazing. The worst part is, everything has been predicted, laid out like a map, and we have collectively missed it. Let's look at some examples.

Is or has the climate been changing, or more correctly, has the global temperature been rising over time? There are those that accept what the climatologists say (even though they have admitted that some of the data has been tampered with) and there are those that don't believe it. Both camps are probably partially right and partially wrong. The best kind of lie is one that contains just enough truth that refutation makes you look like an idiot. I will direct you to Revelation 16:8 and 16:12. Yes, the temperature is rising, no, nothing humans do will have any effect on it. Still, the fear it instills is a great method to control a large segment of the population. It generates revenue for and power for those who crave it most.

In a related issue, Congress and the Executive Branch are very aware of how fragile and vulnerable our electrical grid is. Yet, many in Congress and the current administration insist on taxing it even further. Worse yet, the push to move from gasoline to electric vehicles is almost insane when you consider what will happen should the grid fail even for a short time. The entire transportation system, food and goods, would vanish for an indeterminate amount of time. Now, there is an attack on natural gas powered appliances which will make the strain even worse.

The extreme focus on 'gender' and 'pronouns' is another misdirection. It was predicted in 2 Timothy 3:1-4. What people are calling gender does not change your sex. X chromosomes and Y chromosomes don't care what you call yourself. As far as I can see, the pronoun issue is a lot like when some females wanted to move from Miss to Ms. The difference is, with the pronoun issue, you can be face some consequences depending on what state you are in and where you work. Can you, for one second, imagine the thoughts of someone standing completely outside of our various cultures and looking in? Why such a hard push for 'gender' and its related components? Simple, the majority is always sane. If the majority accepts this, then anyone who does not becomes the outlier and can be deemed insane and stripped of their rights.

While I am sure that what we see on the news is only the most extreme examples that can be found, females competing in normally male dominated sports is nothing new, the opposite is far more rare. If we look at the 'trans' in women's sports that are being shown to us, they tend to be sex-born-males that have failed in male sports. I can't help but feel sorry for them, look at what they had to do to win. In the 'normal' world it's called cheating. The Olympics used to test for this sort of thing.

I am sure that some of you reading this will disagree with me on some or all of it. That's okay, you're allowed to be wrong. My main point is, we (I include myself) are all being manipulated. Keeping us angry, keeping us scared is good for politics and good for certain businesses. It hands control over our lives to others. This is the exact opposite of what the founders of our country wanted.

Keep your eyes open and your brains working,


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