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While we live in a time where our and other governments have discovered just how much they can control the public through fear, with the willing assistance of the media, we really need to step back and think some things through. It is true that we have little control over an actual pandemic, not something cooked up and/or refined in a laboratory of course, but something may nature might spring on us from the shadows. Even there, we should be vigilant and make sure that the issue isn't being overblown for the sake of more governmental control and we are living in a time where the government, and especially the executive branch, want to control almost every aspect of our lives (as in most socialist and communist countries, there is a blatant attempt to force their ideology upon us.) Back to the subject at hand.

There have been books and movies made about what the United States would look during and after an Electromagnetic Pulse attack by an enemy. For those that don't know or need a refresher, such a pulse is released whenever a nuclear weapon is detonated. It also happens in other ways such as a major solar flare or even a lightning strike. The difference is that a purposeful EMP, as a weapon, is created when a nuclear device is detonated twenty-five miles above the US and would destroy most electronics, high-voltage transformers, vehicles (including tactical ones), and other electrical machinery. Supposedly this would knock the United States of America back to the early 1800's or 1700's. It is projected that over 90% of the population would die within a year. The effect is actually much worse and is most likely global suicide.

If you have never heard of the Chernobyl disaster, there are books and documentaries galore on the subject. What it boils down to is that on April 26, 1986 the number four reactor in the Chernobyl (in he Ukraine) nuclear power plant had a meltdown. The subsequent radioactive cloud spread across Europe and went as far as Canada. Scientist today state that the full effects of the radiation dump that day will never be known. There are 92 nuclear power plants active in the United States today. The Department of Energy (the guys in charge of regulating the power plants) would have us believe that in the event of an emergency, the reactors would SCRAM or dump enough coolant onto the radioactive rods to prevent a meltdown as they are retracted. On March 11, 2011 the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan had a THREE reactors meltdown. The accident was triggered by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

So, imagine for a single moment that the US came under an EMP attack. Some critical components in the 92 nuclear power plants would likely not survive. The result would most likely be a series of meltdowns on a scale never before imagined. The resulting radioactive cloud release would spread first across the entire northern hemisphere and then, eventually, begin to leak over into the southern. It would be like something right out of the book and movie “On The Beach.” People, animals, and plants would all be affected. There would even, most probably, be a cascading effect as people in other countries abandoned their posts at their nuclear power plants and those began the meltdown process.

So, any enemy, foreign or domestic, that would perpetrate such an attack or any attack that does not include immediate occupation is basically committing suicide. Are there some out there that would do it anyway? I'm sure that some countries run by fanatical leaders who believe their deaths are worth it, or some leader already dying and wanting to take everyone else with them might try. It is up to the rest of the ENTIRE world to prevent them from succeeding if everyone wants to continue living. Are you listening Putin and Xi Jinping?

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