Sunday, November 11, 2018


The Senses Novels deals with what we view as contemporary issues. Interestingly, many of the events in the books were predicted years before they actually occurred. Many of these events are on-going, like the discord in our own country today.

Most of the hoopla has died down about people kneeling during the live singing of our national anthem. Some claim, and a few judges have supported the idea that, this is a first amendment right. Others say that it is a blatant disrespect of those that have and continue to shed blood for our country. The same can be said of flag burning.

I grew up in an era where flags were burned in protest to what was said to be, an undeclared war. Many said that these protests were ‘communist inspired,’ and I cannot comment on the validity of that one way or the other. Some, I have no doubt, believed that they were effectively making a statement about the United States being involved in what was, essentially, a civil war. Much the same way that both England and France meddled in our own civil war. You remember England and France? They are the ones criticizing the way that our country handles world affairs today. It kind of makes one wonder how things would have gone for them in 1944 if we, as a country, had decided that meddling in world affairs wasn’t a good idea.

It continues to amaze me that people refuse to see the reality that we are facing, not just as a nation, but as a people. Socialism, Communism, and any other of the ‘isms that you can name Take a knee to protest how the police treat people and eventually the police may decide that protecting people at all is useless. There used to be a saying, “Don’t like cops? Next time you need help, call a criminal.” That might apply if so many of the football players taking a knee weren’t criminals in some fashion themselves, usually domestic violence. Want the government to hand you everything for free? That worked so well in the U.S.S.R. (the old Soviet Union,) that people had to stand in line for hours just to get a roll of toilet paper, and that isn’t an exaggeration.

It is unfortunate that there isn’t a litmus test that has to be taken before someone can vote. Something simple, like being able to do a quadratic equation or tell us what the 17the Amendment was (without having to look it up.) But the framers of the Constitution specifically wanted everyone, no matter their education, ethnicity, or social status to be able to vote. By the way, the 17th Amendment is relatively important, “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote.”

I am attempting to express my deep disappointment with not only the rancor that this last election cycle was conducted with, but with the ongoing incivility of the people in this country. The idea that merely because you disagree with someone, you should feel that you have the right to intimidated them isn’t just wrong, it’s criminal. To be honest, I think that our conservative Senators, House members, and now media personnel have been remarkably tolerant. I believe that they would be well within their rights to have their attackers jailed for assault. I’m sure that at least a few of those, less than civil, pathetic scum don’t really want a felony record. Oh, and if I see someone coming at me with their face covered by a scarf or mask, I would have to assume that they were a physical threat and I would take appropriate action.

I live in a neighborhood where people watch out for one another. We are very racially diverse here, but it makes no difference. I have said before in this blog that I know many people, gay, straight, black, white, yellow and brown and we all have one thing in common, we don’t let any of it get in the way of being friends first. What I believe or approve of isn’t important when it comes to the individual. What’s important is that I treat them with respect.

I am not saying that there are no injustices in this country. Everyplace has them. It would be interesting if those same people who cry about injustice were to be put in places like China or Russia for an extended period of time. It’s all a matter of perspective.

I do know one thing. This country has always had men and women in it that are willing to fight for the ideals that make us who we are. I don’t care what your political affiliation is, if you do not respect the people who go out every day and put their lives on the line for you, you don’t deserve them, you don’t deserve the title of citizen.

I want to thank every serviceman and servicewoman both past and present for their sacrifice. No politician can do the job you do. No protestor could possibly understand how much you have given. These people and everyone else in this country get to do and say what they want because of you. You have my deepest gratitude and respect.



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