Tuesday, June 29, 2021



The United States of America has gotten to be a very strange place to live. The transformation of the Democrat party into something I didn’t think possible is pretty much complete. They had embraced Communist ideals but are using Nazi tactics to implement them. The are no longer Democrats, they are a melding of two extremes that can only be called CommuNazis. Let me give you some examples.


While ‘the squad,’ you know who I mean, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Jamaal Bowman, and Cori Bush are all supposed members of the Democrat party in Congress, the reality is, they want to eliminate the very Constitution that created Congress. They are dedicated Communists and make no bones about it. Yet, they also enjoy employing Nazi tools to achieve their ends. Calling for the destruction of Israel, and the Jewish people here in America is not a Communist goal (except in that Communists want all religion gone.) The death of the Jews as entire race is something specific that the Nazis attempted to accomplish…to the tune of over six-million lives snuffed out. But the Nazi tactics go much further than that.


Recently, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki accused the Republicans of being the party wanting to defund the police. While anyone who has watched or read about the protests going on in this country knows that this is patently false, the objective here is to use what is known as ‘The Big Lie.’ The Big Lie was a technique invented by Adolph Hitler in his book Mein Kampf, it was raised to a fine art by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. The gist of it is, if you tell a big enough lie loud enough and often enough, people will believe it. Let’s add to that the Nazi storm troopers that have been coined with the name ANTIFA (a purposeful misdirection in the name,) and you have a party that has decided to use some of the most potent techniques for controlling a populace ever devised.


All I can say is, hold on because I’m sure that ‘they’ aren’t through yet. There is still disarming the citizenry and eliminating as much personal transportation as possible ahead.



Saturday, May 22, 2021



It has been a while since I last posted. Not being on most of the ‘classic’ social media channels makes it difficult for my posts to be spread as widely as they used to be. This post is important because it points out another piece of evidence in the slow degradation and destruction of freedom in the United States of America.


When the Patriot Act was passed in 2001, just about everyone in America thought it was a great idea. It would help to make this country’s citizens safer. Most politicians were probably sincere in wanting to help the country, some were opportunists waiting to gain more control. The inconveniences that the Patriot Act brought could be lived with. In some cases, it has helped, but at what cost? We have all seen, heard, or read about accounts where young children or the elderly have been hurt or terrified during what should have been routine searches at an airport. I usually have to use a wheelchair myself at airports because of the distances involved and have been subjected to some pretty strange searches. Normally, I don’t mind, but remember that like anything, the personnel screening for security people follows a bell curve. You have the really bad, the average, and the really good. If you get a really bad one, it can be a nightmare because these people have their own agenda and you never know what it is. In 2019 we started to see another type of ‘crisis’, and some politicians saw another opportunity.


The restrictions brought about by COVID-19 were extreme. Business closed, people confined to their homes, and shortages of critical supplies. A control freak’s dream. Control freaks like the majority we currently have in Congress. But wait, now we have a vaccine, and the world will be bright and sunny once again, right? There are some who will not or cannot take the vaccine. These people are the new pariahs. They are being portrayed as ignorant or evil, and not as citizens of a country that has the right to choose their own healthcare options. Don’t believe me? Oregon has just passed a law that if you haven’t been vaccinated, you cannot enter a business or church without a mask. You’re probably thinking that’s sensible, but some people who cannot have the vaccine also cannot wear a mask for an extended period of time. But let’s examine the implications of this ‘law’ a little bit further.


How will these business or places of worship know you have been vaccinated? They will have to see your vaccination card, a medical document. Isn’t that a HIPPA violation? It also will help create a new industry of forged cards until the government decides that they will have to be the ones to issue them with some kind of security device such as a magnetic strip to be read (all businesses and churches ready to invest in readers?) And, as time goes on, will we see it get to the point where you cannot enter a store or business without your card, mask or no mask? No buying or selling. These cards essentially become the ‘vaccine passports’ that you hear about in the media. And while some states may ban them, international carriers (airlines) and government-controlled transportation (trains) may ban those who do not have one from travel, it’s already happening.


 I live in a state that has or will ban such passports. But will places like New York or Illinois be next? Will the government, at some point, tell us that we cannot have a regular passport unless we’ve had a vaccination? And let me just say, if you really believe that it’s okay that everyone should be forced to vaccinate, then you must also believe that it’s okay for the government to limit free speech, to demand that all citizens relinquish their firearms, that people with a house larger than a certain size should be forced to house illegal immigrants, and that we should all pay reparations for something that was done over 100 years ago by people that have never had any relation to you. In short, you are against the Constitution of the United States of America and you believe in socialism and/or communism as a way of life.


The Constitution and The Bill of Rights guarantees all citizens certain things. Certain people in Congress and, apparently, throughout the United States would like to see these rights stripped from us. It’s a harsh thing to say, but in my view, these people are traitors to the United States of America as what they are trying to do gives aid to countries that have flat-out stated that they are enemies of America. The definition of a traitor is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Encouraging rioting and racism (even against Caucasians,) which degrades the fabric of society or secretly sending large sums of money to an avowed enemy are just a couple of examples of traitorous acts. Do you know of any of our politicians that have ever done that?


We have a duty to ourselves, our children, and future generations to ensure that our democratic republic survives and thrives for them. We can only do that by adhering to the originating document of this country. If you don’t believe that, there are plenty of other countries you can choose to move to that will be happy to limit your rights for you.



Sunday, January 10, 2021


 I wanted to let you all know that I have left Twitter and am leaving FaceBook. Come join me on MeWe. I have an open group there called, We All Left FB. Let's trash the stupid censorship sites by reducing their income and getting out. We All Left FB


Wednesday, December 23, 2020



This will be my last blog post for 2020 and I want to touch on a number of subjects. I am going to lose a lot of you along the way and that’s okay. If what I say makes you angry or hurts you, that means it is probably something you should think about and examine more closely (I have always held that anger is a reaction to some type of fear.) You might say that I many types of phobic while reading this, since phobic means ‘fear of,’ you would be wrong on a variety of levels. It also means that you haven’t really read what I wrote. So, here we go.


The presidential election is being contested in the courts and will likely be contested in Congress on January 6, 2021. I am a conservative, independent, but conservative. What I am seeing makes me ask some questions. First, why are so many people and groups making claims about military movements, arrests, and death by murder when, by simply looking at the facts, it can be proved that none of it is true? Second, why does President Trump’s case consistently lose in court? Item one is actually easy to explain. People want to seem more knowledgeable than they are in the mistaken belief that they will be admired. Most of the information about massive troop movements, huge fleets off of both coasts, and people with absolute knowledge of election fraud being murdered or arrested is completely fabricated. How do I know? I look at the actual information available, and I still have friends in places that would know. Arrest and accident records are public information that can be checked by anyone. While our troop movements are, for the most part, not public information, they are easily checked via press release and satellite imagery. Simply put, there is no there, there.


Sensationalizing the news isn’t just something that rags like the National Enquirer do, people love to make things bigger and more mysterious than they are. It seems to be a quirk in some people’s nature. An accident where someone, a staff member or a family member, dies is a tragedy, but it isn’t murder (read the State Troopers report.) Ships posted off of the coast during times of unrest or political tension are normal, they aren’t fleets, they are a warning to other countries.


Item two is also easily explained. When you go to court you need actual evidence to present to a judge before they will accept the case. I know that there are a myriad of affidavits out there swearing to election fraud, but election fraud is a criminal case, not a civil one. When a judge says to a person what did you see that constitutes election fraud, it cannot be a negative (i.e. I wasn’t allowed to watch) it has to be a positive (I saw X scan the ballot for Y with Z’s name on it ten times.) Statistical anomalies really don’t mean anything in court. Anomalies appear all the time in life, it isn’t actual evidence. Now, a piece of software code that purposely switches votes would be hard evidence, but no one has produced this yet even though they say they have it (if you have it, SHOW IT TO THE JUDGE!) The place where these ‘negatives’ will add up and possibly do what the courts will not is in Congress on January 6, 2021. I won’t make a prediction as to how that will turn out, there are just too many variables. Please, think it through, not all of these courts and judges are liberals, some are Republican appointees, why would they toss the cases? Probably because they knew that there wasn’t anything that could be definitively proven. Remember that as the plaintiff, President Trump and those working on his behalf are essentially prosecutors meaning that REASONABLE doubt comes into play. If there is any reasonable doubt that the fraud happened in the way they said, the defense wins.


The next issue is a very touchy subject as it deals with religion, race, and sexual orientation. Over the last ten to fifteen years, I have seen the divisions in this country become so wide that it appears there is no bridging them. In the last twelve years this has become especially true. President Obama was, in my opinion, the most divisive president this country has ever seen. Each and every opportunity that he had, he would show how African Americans were persecuted. Oddly, he did not show the same for people of Jewish descent. I DO believe that a double standard exists in the PUBLIC sector when it comes to Euro Americans and African Americans. Police, military, and educational institutions do not play well for African Americans. This seems to me to be at odds with the private sector which employs and promotes based on merit rather than race (I know, I’ve been there folks.) So, who can change these PUBLIC institutions? I can tell you, defunding them is like not feeding your dog anymore because it made a mess on the carpet. Stupid. Not crazy, not insane, just plain stupid. What do you do when you have a dog that messes on the carpet? You train them not to, that’s what. Almost every teacher I know teaches and gives the same amount of attention to their students no matter what the race. This is not necessarily what happens at the administration level. In many cases, there is a form of reverse discrimination where African American students are pushed ahead of the Euro American ones. This is as wrong as the other way. It is as wrong as giving preference to the religious practices of one group and denying another.


The Muslim faith seems to be okay in public institutions, but Christianity is not. I have seen schools where places are set aside specifically for Muslims to be able to practice their religion in publicly funded schools. Please understand that I am completely opposed to the Freedom From Religion wackos. Yet, there are problems with Christianity that need to be resolved. The first one is hate. I don’t care if you are a Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, nondenominational, etc. there are members within your particular sect that hate the Jewish people. I know because I have encountered them personally. The reasoning for this hate is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, “Because your people killed Christ.” So, let’s look at that now.


How many of these haters even know that Jesus was Jewish? So was Peter, James, John, and Paul. Uh, oh, we have to hate the apostles now, and Christ himself, don’t we? I don’t know what version of the Bible these haters read, but the Romans executed Christ at the instigation of a small group of priests that feared his power. The Jews weren’t allowed to execute anyone at that point in time. Of course, maybe it really has nothing to do with religion. Maybe it has to do with economics. Over the centuries, many Jewish people have had wealth that ‘the common people’ did not have. But if that’s the case, I would think that everyone would hate the Knights Templar since they were among the chief money lenders in Europe, oh, and they were as Christian as they come. It could also be that people are manipulated into hating by others they admire. That’s pretty stupid, isn’t it?


I do need to discuss gender identity issues, LBGTQ stuff. It has become not only accepted but is being pushed in our society today. And, while this is going to offend some people, it is anti-biblical in both the Old and New testaments. I have heard the arguments that love is love and that Jesus never said anything about it, etc. To this I will ask you, do you believe and accept the things that the apostle Paul says in his letters? I am referring to Romans 1:26 and 1:27. Now, do I hate or fear homosexuals? No, I have homosexual friends and have for a very long time. I do not like or accept their lifestyle (they know this about me) but I care for them as people. It boils down to, we are supposed to condemn the sin but still love the sinner. We all sin. The problem arises when they don’t see it as sin and when the world pushes it as normal. That is purposely living in a state of sin and, if you call yourself a Christian, you already know the consequences of that. From what I have been able to glean, approximately three percent (3%) of the population identifies as LBGTQ, yet lately, I have seen roughly 70% of supposed ‘family movies’ with ‘gay’ characters in them. This is an industry purposely pushing a lifestyle as normal that is anything but. I have to wonder, if cannibals made as much noise about their lifestyle, would we see that being pushed?


Finally, I want to discuss social media madness. We have become a society obsessed with social media. I am guilty of it myself. The problem comes when we start believing everything that is posted on these sites. People need to remember, every social media site out there is a privately owned company (even if they are on the stock market, that does not make them a public entity.) While they have to follow certain government regulations, they have far more latitude than most companies that disseminate information. They can choose who can be on their sites, they can block specific information, and they can influence the information that is put on their sites by directly commenting on it. Social media has become the conspiracy theorists best friend. If you have any tendency at all toward paranoia, you should probably stay as far away from all forms of social media as you can. It seems like our own government is out to get us, the medical establishment is out to get us, the Chinese are out to get us, the Russians are out to get us, aliens are out to get us, and you are out to get yourself (I am selling tinfoil hats for anyone needing them.) I have a simple rule for anything I see on social media, what is your source and how can I verify the information? If you fail at this twice, I laugh at or ignore anything else you post. If you cannot take the time to verify it yourself, I am not going to do it for you. Believe what you want and put yourself into a straitjacket because that is the road you are going down.


I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas in the truest sense of the words. Have a wonderful time in Christ this season.



Tuesday, December 8, 2020


I watch the unfolding socialist drama in America with awe. What can the industrialists, academics, and media that support the socialist/communist agenda be thinking? They are obviously not students of history. Let’s look at the ‘great revolutions’ of the last century.


The Soviet Union nationalized all industry. Are you listening Soros, Gates, and the rest of Silicon Valley? That means you who are in charge were usually lined up against the wall and shot or were sent off to a gulag someplace. All news was tightly controlled, the Party only allowed the populace and the world to see and hear what it wanted them to see and hear. Why have an MSNBC, ABC, and a CNN? There is only the need for ONE such news service. Remember Pravda? Higher education was for whoever The State decided should go to college. You were ‘luckier’ if you had a parent high up in the party.


China, the largest school system in the world shut down more than a million of its schools in 1966, they didn’t reopen until 1969. Unlike students dealing with school shutdowns today, many of China’s high school teenagers and college kids were recruited for what effectively became Mao’s own private street army. They were tasked with abusing and thrashing professors and political leaders identified as “capitalist roaders.” Basically, they could denounce anyone and be believed. All news was censored by The State. This is a typical theme with any of these repression regimes. It is only within the last couple of decades that a ‘limited form of capitalism’ has been allowed in China. And, as has been demonstrated many times, any business can be nationalized at any moment by the Chinese government. They can even simply take the building that your business is in.


Somehow, today’s college professors, leftist capitalists (an oxymoron if ever there was one,) and news outlets must believe that they will either be immune from the effects of a socialist/communist regime, or they will be at the top of it. Neither is reality. The rich will be reduced to paupers or simply eliminated. Outlets like CNN will be strictly censored. The Internet will be restricted to the point where any dissenting views will be stricken and the dissenter ‘vanished.’ This is the reality of these kinds of regimes. The catastrophe isn’t some distant dystopian fantasy, it is happening now, right before our eyes.


2020 has been grim, I believe that 2021 and beyond will be pure horror.



Sunday, November 29, 2020



I’ve tested positive for the CORONAVIRUS and am having symptoms. I am also one of those people who is in the ‘high risk’ category due to my age and having diabetes. I think sitting here fretting about it is counterproductive. Taking care to follow the advice of multiple healthcare professionals is the proper way to treat this right now. And there is one thing that I am NOT going to do, worry about the current political climate. Stress, in any form, has to be bad when you are fighting something like this disease.


For the COVID deniers out there, you’re idiots. Even the President says he’s had it. This is not the flu, the mechanism it uses is completely different. Try looking at the evidence and then apply something called SCIENCE. While these guys are focusing on the effect of antimalarial drugs on COVID, they go in-depth into how the virus works. I recommend reading it. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12035-020-02093-z.


No matter what I post or what I say, the conspiracy lunatics are going to keep saying it’s all a government plot. While I won’t deny that certain entities have and will continue to use the virus for their own ends, it is just that, something that has come along that they can use.


The vaccine obviously is too late for me. Vaccines don’t cure what you already have. With no cures, we treat the symptoms and do what we can to strengthen the immune system until something better comes along. Like everyone else, I have no idea what the outcome of having this virus is going to be. So far, it hasn’t been pleasant. If you have COVID, hang in there, you have a lot of company.


Take care all,



Wednesday, November 25, 2020


It boggles the mind that so many people in the US seem to want a socialist/communist government. Socialism/communism isn’t new, and Karl Marx didn’t invent it. Check out the Book of Acts 2-5 in the New Testament. It failed there just like it failed in the Soviet Union. If you look at the populace and their economic condition, it is failing in Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and everywhere else that it has been imposed. Of course, that’s the very reason that it fails according to the socialists, it is being ‘imposed’ or pushed onto the population. Any reasoning being can tell you that with the exception of charity, the only way to get people to give away what they have worked for is to impose it upon them.


The popularity of socialism/communism in the countries where it exists must be tremendous, right? My favorite thing is to look at the numbers, so let’s do that. When it comes to emigration from the United States of America to the largest communist country in the world, China, they rank number sixteen on the list. Want to guess who ranks number one on the list of immigration to the United States? That’s right, China. Why are people fleeing China? It has jobs and it has universal healthcare. If your scores are high enough, you get to go to college. So, what’s the problem? You can look up how the government in China has a ‘social scoring system,’ and how it tracks every individual in the country. If you think FB and Twitter censor you, try writing something that the Chinese government doesn’t like.


As a senior citizen you would think that I want a lot of social programs. I don’t. If companies had been forced, by competition, to create pension funds instead of the government hitting us with Social Security, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IMMUNE FROM GOVERNMENT DIPPING, I would have a lot more banked. And why is a tax that was taken from me being taxed when I get a check? Didn’t we fight one war over taxation without representation, because that’s what that one feels like. Why should we forgive student debt and offer free college? Where is THAT money going to come from? Is someone planning to stop paying college instructors?


There is no such thing as free, no matter how hard you wish for it. If something doesn’t happen to change it, we are heading for one of the worst governments that the country has seen in a long time. My predictions are simple, we are going to have runaway inflation followed by a recession so deep that it can be called a depression. The press will do their best to cover it up, because they have done their best to create the situation, FOX included. The government is going to attempt to exercise as much control over our lives as it can, in every way that it can. This probably means much friendlier ties to China in order to study their system better so that much of it can be emulated.


I wish I could be more positive about the situation, but I have to tell you what I see ahead.