Tuesday, October 24, 2023



One of the most confusing things to me is the desire on the part of Christians to pray for world peace. I cannot find anywhere in the New Testament where we are supposed to do anything of the sort. The peace we are supposed to pray for is personal, not generalized. Look at Matthew 10:29-30 or John 16:22. The only place it is more generalized is in the Old Testament in Psalms where it tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, one particular place, not even all of Israel.

Why is this confusing to me? Because we are also supposed to be praying for Jesus' return. If you have read anything in the Book of Revelation then you know that this will not be a peaceful transition by any means. There will be massive earthquakes, famine, disease, and war.

There is, as of this writing, a war in the Middle East between Israel and the murderous terrorists that think themselves freedom fighters. A little clue, freedom fighters don't use the people that they say they are fighting for as shields to protect themselves. This leads me to another confusing question.

Why is the Jewish population the United States overwhelming Democrat? Think it through for a moment. The people who are demonstrating for the support of the murderous terrorists vote Democrat. Congress persons and some University leaders who support those terrorists are Democrats. The supposed leader of this country, through back-channels, has supported the terrorists by helping their major supplier, he is a Democrat (he actually employs people that have said they are loyal to that supplier over the USA.) I suppose we really shouldn't be surprised, these are the same people who gave us the KKK. The ultra or alt-right which is anti-Jew, anti-Black, and basically anti-anything that doesn't look or think like them are the tiniest fraction of the population who would vote for the Nazi party instead of the Republicans if it ever had a chance of winning. The Democrat party, on the other hand, is huge and the youth that is growing in the Democrat party are showing themselves to be anti-Israel and anti-Jew. These are not myths. Watch or read the news for yourselves.

I will not pray for world peace. I pray the God gives me, my family, and my friends peace. His peace. I pray for those who would consider themselves my enemy that they may know the peace of the one true God.


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