Saturday, December 2, 2017


As humans, we are fascinated when someone can create a facsimile that seems indistinguishable from the original. This also applies to living objects. In the Senses Novels, we are introduced to ‘Them’, creatures that appear to be human, but are quite something else.

While defensive mimicry is more common, aggressive mimicry is nothing new, several turtle species and the frogmouth catfish have tongue extensions that lure prey to a position where they become an easy catch. For the arachnophobes out there, the assassin bug plucks on the threads of a spider’s web to imitate something caught, luring the spider close enough to become a meal.

Shapeshifting creatures abound in fiction and myth. Werewolves, skinwalkers and Huli Jing to name a few. The Bible even has its own versions when it speaks about Satan being masquerading as an Angel of Light and the fact that you should be careful with strangers, for you never know if you are, in fact, entertaining an angel.

The books describe ‘Them’ as agents of a much greater evil, one that threatens the destruction of all life. ‘They’ are extensions of this evil, preparing the way for it. ‘They,' then, represent a kind of ‘anti-life.’, one that mankind does not even know exists…yet.

Each of the books builds on the reader's store of knowledge about ‘Them.’ Questions about ‘Them’ and their mysterious master remain to be answered, and those answers are coming.

In the meantime, take stock of the world around you. How many imitations of life can you find? They are there, almost everywhere you look.


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