Friday, December 1, 2017


In the Senses Novels series, the reader is led from a time of relative innocence to a place where evil and corruption seem to rule. Each of the books shows this progression through the eyes of very different people. And, like any good read, the changes cause transformation in the characters.

Much of what we see today could have been taken straight out of the pages of the novels. Not necessarily in the particulars, but in the attitudes and consequences. When public officials and celebrities start falling from grace, but they believe that they are ‘special people’ and deserve more leniency in their actions, we begin to see the face of evil hidden behind the masks.

Should they be forgiven? Probably. Should their actions be forgotten and without consequences? No, not at all. If you are in office and have violated the public trust that put you there, what should be the consequence? If you have been vocal about something you are guilty of doing, how should people react? The problem is, we knew or suspected much of what is coming out now, but turned a blind eye. All of us.

How many of us heard of ‘the casting couch?’ How about ‘slush funds’ in Washington? If these terms are new to you, then you are either very young or unbelievably na├»ve.

Yet, we keep electing the corrupt. We keep watching, supporting and even believing in the causes of the filth on screen and television. Because of OUR actions, we are as much to blame as they are.

Innocence died a long time ago here. The novels just show a different aspect of this.


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