Thursday, September 22, 2022


A few days ago a man got into a political argument with a teenager. The man subsequently ran the teen over with his vehicle killing him. The killer claimed he felt 'threatened' by the youth who he characterized as a right-wing extremist. The teenager had no weapons on him. The murderer was charged with vehicular homicide and released on $50,000 bond. In an article yesterday, he claimed that he wanted his life to go on as normal, after all, he has a job, a family, and a life. My question is this, where is the outrage over a man killing a teenager because the teen held an opposing political view? Where are the riots and screaming mobs, or are these only reserved for a particular group of people in this country?

This man does not deserve to have his life go on as normal. He should face the same intense pressure and scrutiny as Derek Chauvin and Kyle Ritter had to go through. The media should be on this person's doorstep probing his politics, religion, ethics, background, mental health, etc. But there is no outrage, after all, it was a white man killing a white teen who happened to hold conservative beliefs.

Shannon Brandt, by his own admission, murdered eighteen year old Cayler Ellingson in cold blood. This wasn't just vehicular homicide, it was premeditated murder. Mr. Brandt planned and executed this violent crime with full knowledge and intent of what he was doing. Cayler Ellingson had not pulled a weapon, and had not attempted to attack Mr. Brandt, so there is no 'stand-your-ground' excuse here.

At this time Shannon Brandt is walking around, a free man, living his life. Cayler Ellingson is dead. He will never go to college, have a job, fall in love or raise his own family. Mr. Brandt made sure that Cayler Elliingson would never be able to do any of these things. So, I ask again, where is the outrage?

Stay safe and watch out for the Shannon Brandts out there.


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