Sunday, May 22, 2022



I have discussed this before but, apparently, it bears another review. I recently pulled my support from a site that I had been with almost from its inception. As many of you know I ‘game’ and the site is a support site for gamers. It is called dScryb and I have recommended it before in this Blog. Unfortunately, I can no longer do so. In fact, I recommend that you no longer subscribe at all.


The problem isn’t that they are any less supportive in what they do for gamers, the problem is that they have decided that it is necessary to become social activists while they do so. The issue I have has nothing to do with WHAT they want you to support (they are soliciting donations,) it has to do with the fact that they are doing it at all.


I am sure that when they put together their ‘package’ to support the cause they are pushing it never crossed their minds that what they were doing was political in nature. However, that is exactly what it is. Let me be very clear, I don’t care if it is a ‘left-wing’ or ‘right-wing’ cause, if you are in business to sell something that is NOT related to that cause, you are doing your customers a disservice, and I have no interest in supporting you. Your ‘job’ is to generate a profit for your business, not push an agenda.


Honestly, I don’t care if you go on a site and express your views, I see it on FB and Twitter all the time. I do care if I have paid for a service and that service now includes what I essentially believe to be a political commercial with a specific viewpoint.


I know that there will be many of you who do not agree with me from both sides, and that’s okay. If you DO agree with me though, I highly recommend that you voice your displeasure with companies that do this. They need to understand that if you have paid for something, you don’t expect to be subjected to their personal biases as a part of that purchase.


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