Saturday, March 19, 2022



(Russia formally annexed Crimea on March 18, but the UN says it’s still part of Ukraine)


So far these are the ‘conspiracy theories’ I’ve heard about the war in the Ukraine:

1.     It’s about freeing some of the eight million children that go missing each year and destroying the ‘bad guys’ who do it.

2.     It’s about destroying the evidence of Biden misdeeds.

3.     It’s to destroy the covert bio and chemical weapons that have been created and are stored there (some have been hidden in the nuclear plants, that’s why they are targeted.)

4.     It’s all just to distract us from the mess that Joe Biden and the Dems in Congress have made of the country.


Honestly, I don’t care which one you pick, those of you who believe that Putin is really a ‘white hat’ or even a ‘gray hat’ don’t know who and what he is. Putin only acts in Putin’s self interest and nothing more. He may very well be doing one of the above, but only if it is advantageous to him in some way. Let’s start with Putin’s real background.


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin started his career as an intelligence office with the KGB in Soviet Russia. In July 1998 Pres. Boris Yeltsin made Putin director of the Federal Security Service which was the successor to the KGB after the Soviet Union fell. Putin was an unknown until he launched a major operation against the secessionist rebels in Chechnya. After that, his popularity soared. On December 31, 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly announced his resignation and named Putin acting president.


That last should be the REAL grist for conspiracy theorists. What would make Yeltsin resign like that, hmmm?


Now consider, almost all of the former KGB officers didn’t just evaporate. What they did, was go into an occupation that allowed them to utilize the skills that they had honed for so long. They became the infamous Russian Mafia. Do you believe that Putin was unaware of what his long-time associates and friends were doing? Do you think he didn’t give his tacit approval?


Vladimir Putin is and always has been a ruthless thug bent on obtaining power over others. The KGB maintained power through fear, pain, and murder. How many times have we heard about Putin having his rivals jailed or killed? I don’t care how many times he has protested his innocence, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. So, I ask you conspiracy theorists, why would you believe that this thug is anything but what he has always proven himself to be?


Do I believe that the government of the Ukraine is a guilt-free bunch of innocents who stand for all that’s right in the world? Nope. They are as corrupt as any government (including our own) that has ever existed in Europe, and worse than most. This is why I won’t take sides in this war.


I do sympathize with those who are really innocent, the common people who are caught up in a conflict that can be blamed on both sides AND foreign interference. The men, women, and children that are being maimed and dying.


Do I believe that Putin would go nuclear? There is only one reason I can think of that he would do such a thing. If he were dying, I believe that Mr. Putin would have no qualms about taking the rest of the world with him. Do I believe the Mr. Biden is a coward and unable to stand up to this international bully? Absolutely, I do. If Biden wants to see Putin back down, all he has to do is order our readiness stance to Defense Condition Two. Mr. Putin’s spies here will tell him within minutes that the U.S. is warming up its silos. You can put money on it that there would suddenly be a flurry of nice, calm political negotiations between our two countries.


As for the Ukraine, they can drive the invader out. They just need a decent leader that understands both strategy and tactics and isn’t depending on others to bail them out. Someone please loan them The Book of Five Rings and The Art of War.


Oh, and for the 62% of Democrats that would flee our country if we were invaded, please leave now. The only thing you are good for is cannon fodder anyway.


If you are living in fear of what comes next, don’t. Tomorrow will be here, and the next day after that.



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