Wednesday, May 25, 2022



I live in Texas and yesterday a true tragedy happened here. Children were murdered at an elementary school about 200 miles from me. As per the usual, the first thing that the Left did was immediately scream for gun control. The president of this country didn’t even sympathize with the families first, no, the first thing he did was talk about guns. This whole event has given me a lot of questions.


Question 1: The Left is the party that wants abortion legalized everywhere and at any time. Even late-term abortions (i.e., killing the child as it is being born.) So, why are they so upset about young children being killed at all? Isn’t that essentially what they want anyway, to make all the decisions about our children, including killing them at any point?


Question 2: What do you mean by gun control? California has strict gun control. Chicago has strict gun control. New York has strict gun control. Has it helped there? Or do you mean gun confiscation so that only criminals, police, and the military have guns? Pushing for more background checks seems pointless since that system is already in place. I am going to admit that to stop selling the scary black guns, like was done years ago, might cut down on the number of people killed in a single instance, but will it stop these incidents altogether? My honest take on it is that politicians hate the idea of citizens owning guns because they are afraid for their own skins, which is exactly what the framers of the Constitution had in mind.


Question 3: The person who murdered these innocents posted pictures of his guns and wrote things on social media to indicate that they were going to do something. He texted a young woman that he was about to take some kind of action. Supposedly, the district was monitoring social media looking for these kinds of things. What happened, why wasn’t he caught before he could act? Who failed to do their job?


Question 4: How did he get into the school? Most of the schools I know, at least around here, are nearly impossible to get into without a lot of scrutiny or a battering ram. Even the playgrounds are fenced with locks on the gates. The guy had two very obvious weapons, how did he get close enough to the children to do what he did?


There are going to be an almost unbelievable number of conspiracy theories about this. Most will be about it being a distraction from what is going on right now or about to happen to swaying elections one way or the other. I believe that the simplest answer is probably the correct one, this kid was a nut-case with a gun who wanted to impress a girl and, in his delusional mind, figured this would do it.


Let’s all get it through our heads, there is no one-size-fits all answer to this. Rushing to put in more laws that are only go to make it harder for LAW ABIDING CITIZENS rather than the criminals and the insane does nothing. Talking about mental health does nothing when you can’t identify who is going to be the one. Talk about arming resource officers in the schools only works if they are going to stand their ground and take the person out immediately. Arming teachers only works if they are willing to do something that goes completely against their instincts, shoot, what is basically, another child. Attempting to take away all the guns in this country will only lead to more deaths, that is just a fact.


Maybe it’s time we looked at what and how places that never seem to be victims of these types of tragedies manage to do it. Maybe it’s time to turn our vast technological knowledge to methods of protection and defense in our schools. If we use our intelligence rather than our emotions it might barely be possible to prevent this from ever happening again.


While the Left may curse me for it (yes, they actually said ‘f**k your prayers’ to the Republicans), my prayers go out to the parents of the children that have perished or been wounded.



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