Tuesday, December 8, 2020


I watch the unfolding socialist drama in America with awe. What can the industrialists, academics, and media that support the socialist/communist agenda be thinking? They are obviously not students of history. Let’s look at the ‘great revolutions’ of the last century.


The Soviet Union nationalized all industry. Are you listening Soros, Gates, and the rest of Silicon Valley? That means you who are in charge were usually lined up against the wall and shot or were sent off to a gulag someplace. All news was tightly controlled, the Party only allowed the populace and the world to see and hear what it wanted them to see and hear. Why have an MSNBC, ABC, and a CNN? There is only the need for ONE such news service. Remember Pravda? Higher education was for whoever The State decided should go to college. You were ‘luckier’ if you had a parent high up in the party.


China, the largest school system in the world shut down more than a million of its schools in 1966, they didn’t reopen until 1969. Unlike students dealing with school shutdowns today, many of China’s high school teenagers and college kids were recruited for what effectively became Mao’s own private street army. They were tasked with abusing and thrashing professors and political leaders identified as “capitalist roaders.” Basically, they could denounce anyone and be believed. All news was censored by The State. This is a typical theme with any of these repression regimes. It is only within the last couple of decades that a ‘limited form of capitalism’ has been allowed in China. And, as has been demonstrated many times, any business can be nationalized at any moment by the Chinese government. They can even simply take the building that your business is in.


Somehow, today’s college professors, leftist capitalists (an oxymoron if ever there was one,) and news outlets must believe that they will either be immune from the effects of a socialist/communist regime, or they will be at the top of it. Neither is reality. The rich will be reduced to paupers or simply eliminated. Outlets like CNN will be strictly censored. The Internet will be restricted to the point where any dissenting views will be stricken and the dissenter ‘vanished.’ This is the reality of these kinds of regimes. The catastrophe isn’t some distant dystopian fantasy, it is happening now, right before our eyes.


2020 has been grim, I believe that 2021 and beyond will be pure horror.



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