Sunday, November 29, 2020



I’ve tested positive for the CORONAVIRUS and am having symptoms. I am also one of those people who is in the ‘high risk’ category due to my age and having diabetes. I think sitting here fretting about it is counterproductive. Taking care to follow the advice of multiple healthcare professionals is the proper way to treat this right now. And there is one thing that I am NOT going to do, worry about the current political climate. Stress, in any form, has to be bad when you are fighting something like this disease.


For the COVID deniers out there, you’re idiots. Even the President says he’s had it. This is not the flu, the mechanism it uses is completely different. Try looking at the evidence and then apply something called SCIENCE. While these guys are focusing on the effect of antimalarial drugs on COVID, they go in-depth into how the virus works. I recommend reading it.


No matter what I post or what I say, the conspiracy lunatics are going to keep saying it’s all a government plot. While I won’t deny that certain entities have and will continue to use the virus for their own ends, it is just that, something that has come along that they can use.


The vaccine obviously is too late for me. Vaccines don’t cure what you already have. With no cures, we treat the symptoms and do what we can to strengthen the immune system until something better comes along. Like everyone else, I have no idea what the outcome of having this virus is going to be. So far, it hasn’t been pleasant. If you have COVID, hang in there, you have a lot of company.


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