Wednesday, November 25, 2020


It boggles the mind that so many people in the US seem to want a socialist/communist government. Socialism/communism isn’t new, and Karl Marx didn’t invent it. Check out the Book of Acts 2-5 in the New Testament. It failed there just like it failed in the Soviet Union. If you look at the populace and their economic condition, it is failing in Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and everywhere else that it has been imposed. Of course, that’s the very reason that it fails according to the socialists, it is being ‘imposed’ or pushed onto the population. Any reasoning being can tell you that with the exception of charity, the only way to get people to give away what they have worked for is to impose it upon them.


The popularity of socialism/communism in the countries where it exists must be tremendous, right? My favorite thing is to look at the numbers, so let’s do that. When it comes to emigration from the United States of America to the largest communist country in the world, China, they rank number sixteen on the list. Want to guess who ranks number one on the list of immigration to the United States? That’s right, China. Why are people fleeing China? It has jobs and it has universal healthcare. If your scores are high enough, you get to go to college. So, what’s the problem? You can look up how the government in China has a ‘social scoring system,’ and how it tracks every individual in the country. If you think FB and Twitter censor you, try writing something that the Chinese government doesn’t like.


As a senior citizen you would think that I want a lot of social programs. I don’t. If companies had been forced, by competition, to create pension funds instead of the government hitting us with Social Security, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IMMUNE FROM GOVERNMENT DIPPING, I would have a lot more banked. And why is a tax that was taken from me being taxed when I get a check? Didn’t we fight one war over taxation without representation, because that’s what that one feels like. Why should we forgive student debt and offer free college? Where is THAT money going to come from? Is someone planning to stop paying college instructors?


There is no such thing as free, no matter how hard you wish for it. If something doesn’t happen to change it, we are heading for one of the worst governments that the country has seen in a long time. My predictions are simple, we are going to have runaway inflation followed by a recession so deep that it can be called a depression. The press will do their best to cover it up, because they have done their best to create the situation, FOX included. The government is going to attempt to exercise as much control over our lives as it can, in every way that it can. This probably means much friendlier ties to China in order to study their system better so that much of it can be emulated.


I wish I could be more positive about the situation, but I have to tell you what I see ahead.



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