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This will be my last blog post for 2020 and I want to touch on a number of subjects. I am going to lose a lot of you along the way and that’s okay. If what I say makes you angry or hurts you, that means it is probably something you should think about and examine more closely (I have always held that anger is a reaction to some type of fear.) You might say that I many types of phobic while reading this, since phobic means ‘fear of,’ you would be wrong on a variety of levels. It also means that you haven’t really read what I wrote. So, here we go.


The presidential election is being contested in the courts and will likely be contested in Congress on January 6, 2021. I am a conservative, independent, but conservative. What I am seeing makes me ask some questions. First, why are so many people and groups making claims about military movements, arrests, and death by murder when, by simply looking at the facts, it can be proved that none of it is true? Second, why does President Trump’s case consistently lose in court? Item one is actually easy to explain. People want to seem more knowledgeable than they are in the mistaken belief that they will be admired. Most of the information about massive troop movements, huge fleets off of both coasts, and people with absolute knowledge of election fraud being murdered or arrested is completely fabricated. How do I know? I look at the actual information available, and I still have friends in places that would know. Arrest and accident records are public information that can be checked by anyone. While our troop movements are, for the most part, not public information, they are easily checked via press release and satellite imagery. Simply put, there is no there, there.


Sensationalizing the news isn’t just something that rags like the National Enquirer do, people love to make things bigger and more mysterious than they are. It seems to be a quirk in some people’s nature. An accident where someone, a staff member or a family member, dies is a tragedy, but it isn’t murder (read the State Troopers report.) Ships posted off of the coast during times of unrest or political tension are normal, they aren’t fleets, they are a warning to other countries.


Item two is also easily explained. When you go to court you need actual evidence to present to a judge before they will accept the case. I know that there are a myriad of affidavits out there swearing to election fraud, but election fraud is a criminal case, not a civil one. When a judge says to a person what did you see that constitutes election fraud, it cannot be a negative (i.e. I wasn’t allowed to watch) it has to be a positive (I saw X scan the ballot for Y with Z’s name on it ten times.) Statistical anomalies really don’t mean anything in court. Anomalies appear all the time in life, it isn’t actual evidence. Now, a piece of software code that purposely switches votes would be hard evidence, but no one has produced this yet even though they say they have it (if you have it, SHOW IT TO THE JUDGE!) The place where these ‘negatives’ will add up and possibly do what the courts will not is in Congress on January 6, 2021. I won’t make a prediction as to how that will turn out, there are just too many variables. Please, think it through, not all of these courts and judges are liberals, some are Republican appointees, why would they toss the cases? Probably because they knew that there wasn’t anything that could be definitively proven. Remember that as the plaintiff, President Trump and those working on his behalf are essentially prosecutors meaning that REASONABLE doubt comes into play. If there is any reasonable doubt that the fraud happened in the way they said, the defense wins.


The next issue is a very touchy subject as it deals with religion, race, and sexual orientation. Over the last ten to fifteen years, I have seen the divisions in this country become so wide that it appears there is no bridging them. In the last twelve years this has become especially true. President Obama was, in my opinion, the most divisive president this country has ever seen. Each and every opportunity that he had, he would show how African Americans were persecuted. Oddly, he did not show the same for people of Jewish descent. I DO believe that a double standard exists in the PUBLIC sector when it comes to Euro Americans and African Americans. Police, military, and educational institutions do not play well for African Americans. This seems to me to be at odds with the private sector which employs and promotes based on merit rather than race (I know, I’ve been there folks.) So, who can change these PUBLIC institutions? I can tell you, defunding them is like not feeding your dog anymore because it made a mess on the carpet. Stupid. Not crazy, not insane, just plain stupid. What do you do when you have a dog that messes on the carpet? You train them not to, that’s what. Almost every teacher I know teaches and gives the same amount of attention to their students no matter what the race. This is not necessarily what happens at the administration level. In many cases, there is a form of reverse discrimination where African American students are pushed ahead of the Euro American ones. This is as wrong as the other way. It is as wrong as giving preference to the religious practices of one group and denying another.


The Muslim faith seems to be okay in public institutions, but Christianity is not. I have seen schools where places are set aside specifically for Muslims to be able to practice their religion in publicly funded schools. Please understand that I am completely opposed to the Freedom From Religion wackos. Yet, there are problems with Christianity that need to be resolved. The first one is hate. I don’t care if you are a Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, nondenominational, etc. there are members within your particular sect that hate the Jewish people. I know because I have encountered them personally. The reasoning for this hate is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, “Because your people killed Christ.” So, let’s look at that now.


How many of these haters even know that Jesus was Jewish? So was Peter, James, John, and Paul. Uh, oh, we have to hate the apostles now, and Christ himself, don’t we? I don’t know what version of the Bible these haters read, but the Romans executed Christ at the instigation of a small group of priests that feared his power. The Jews weren’t allowed to execute anyone at that point in time. Of course, maybe it really has nothing to do with religion. Maybe it has to do with economics. Over the centuries, many Jewish people have had wealth that ‘the common people’ did not have. But if that’s the case, I would think that everyone would hate the Knights Templar since they were among the chief money lenders in Europe, oh, and they were as Christian as they come. It could also be that people are manipulated into hating by others they admire. That’s pretty stupid, isn’t it?


I do need to discuss gender identity issues, LBGTQ stuff. It has become not only accepted but is being pushed in our society today. And, while this is going to offend some people, it is anti-biblical in both the Old and New testaments. I have heard the arguments that love is love and that Jesus never said anything about it, etc. To this I will ask you, do you believe and accept the things that the apostle Paul says in his letters? I am referring to Romans 1:26 and 1:27. Now, do I hate or fear homosexuals? No, I have homosexual friends and have for a very long time. I do not like or accept their lifestyle (they know this about me) but I care for them as people. It boils down to, we are supposed to condemn the sin but still love the sinner. We all sin. The problem arises when they don’t see it as sin and when the world pushes it as normal. That is purposely living in a state of sin and, if you call yourself a Christian, you already know the consequences of that. From what I have been able to glean, approximately three percent (3%) of the population identifies as LBGTQ, yet lately, I have seen roughly 70% of supposed ‘family movies’ with ‘gay’ characters in them. This is an industry purposely pushing a lifestyle as normal that is anything but. I have to wonder, if cannibals made as much noise about their lifestyle, would we see that being pushed?


Finally, I want to discuss social media madness. We have become a society obsessed with social media. I am guilty of it myself. The problem comes when we start believing everything that is posted on these sites. People need to remember, every social media site out there is a privately owned company (even if they are on the stock market, that does not make them a public entity.) While they have to follow certain government regulations, they have far more latitude than most companies that disseminate information. They can choose who can be on their sites, they can block specific information, and they can influence the information that is put on their sites by directly commenting on it. Social media has become the conspiracy theorists best friend. If you have any tendency at all toward paranoia, you should probably stay as far away from all forms of social media as you can. It seems like our own government is out to get us, the medical establishment is out to get us, the Chinese are out to get us, the Russians are out to get us, aliens are out to get us, and you are out to get yourself (I am selling tinfoil hats for anyone needing them.) I have a simple rule for anything I see on social media, what is your source and how can I verify the information? If you fail at this twice, I laugh at or ignore anything else you post. If you cannot take the time to verify it yourself, I am not going to do it for you. Believe what you want and put yourself into a straitjacket because that is the road you are going down.


I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas in the truest sense of the words. Have a wonderful time in Christ this season.



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