Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Throughout the Senses Novels, I paint a picture of a darkening and depressing future. The United States falls into ruin, and its population is slowly being eliminated. So far, I have talked very little about what it is happening in the rest of the world. That changes in book five. A lot of the action in the fifth book of the series takes place outside of the U.S., and we get a chance to see how ‘They’ have dealt with other countries. I can tell you that it is far from a pretty picture. Add to that some massive natural disasters and all life on our poor globe are on the brink of extinction.

Remember that the novels are one modern interpretation of the book of Revelation. I have tried my best to make them more than that, they are also a reflection of what has, is and may happen to us economically, politically and spiritually. To many people’s surprise, some of what I have written has already come to pass. I cannot claim divine insight, just an ability to follow through to the most logical conclusion based on what I see. The single worst aspect of what I write about in the books is people’s loss of will to fight on.

In the series, I have pitted all of us against an immense and overwhelming enemy. Most people give up and accept what they believe to be inevitable, but some small few fight on. Not all of those that enter the battle survive that isn’t how the real world works. That isn’t to say that they lose, because this fight isn’t about just winning or losing, it’s about the willingness to fight against wrong, against evil. And, I firmly believe that evil exists in our world, that it isn’t a ‘matter of viewpoint.’ Please, this isn’t about who is right or wrong politically, this is about good and evil, the willingness to purposely go out and cause pain, death, and destruction because it is what you want to do.

All of us have the chance to do good in this world. Do you have the will to fight and do what is right?


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