Friday, January 25, 2019


I was initially going to title this post ‘Killing Children,’ but thought that it might be misconstrued. Many people want to believe that there is a debate raging over abortion, and especially over New York’s latest law allowing abortion all the way up to the point of birth, there isn’t. It isn’t a debate if one side isn’t listening and talking back. The debate is over, or never really happened if one side is already taking action. What surprises me most about all of this is that so many people seem shocked at what is happening. Why? This has been the goal and the agenda of institutions like Planned Parenthood since the very beginning. The next step will likely be the government having the absolute right to say who must have an abortion. All they are waiting for is for the general populace to become used to the idea that abortions can happen right up to, and possibly immediately after, the moment of birth.

Since most of the people who are in favor of this extreme procedure don’t believe in God anyway, why would anyone think that all the howling and screaming that they are cursed by God have an effect on them? The hard-left liberals have made sure that laws have been passed so that it is now illegal to interfere in any way with those wanting or performing these procedures. And, oddly, it seems that the more people fight and protest, the more this happens. The media is quick to show anyone that appears extreme protesting the places that perform these murders. They aren’t so fast to show the aftermath of any such procedure.

The thing that people of reason need to understand is that there is no reasoning with the monsters that want this. No argument will sway them. The concept that until the child is physically in the air of this world, it isn’t ‘alive,’ while irrational, is what they have to believe. The idea that it’s about the woman’s body and therefore her choice is spurious as well. If that were the case, why do states and municipalities now call it homicide if a child is killed in the womb during a crime of violence? None of this will cause a single liberal to change their mind. It can’t because it isn’t about reason, it’s about belief and emotion. They can’t or don’t believe in God, so they have no choice but to believe that they are free to do whatever they want.

I want you to pay close attention to what I am about to say next. Even if the Supreme Court were to say that it was illegal to perform these abortions, places like New York would still do what they are doing in defiance of the law. Short of sending in an army of federal agents, what could anyone do about it? And people like murderers Cuomo and de Blasio know this. Please, everyone reading this, understand that New York will not be the only state that does this. Other states will begin to pass the same or similar laws, my guess is, California and Illinois will be fighting to be the first to follow.

We have to keep speaking out and fighting this but to be honest, I don’t think it is a fight any of us should expect to win. Take a moment and think about the world that the book of Revelation talks about. If you believe the Bible to be accurate, then a lot of what we fear and loath must happen. No one said we have to like it, but we need to expect it and understand that no matter what, God has His plan and He is still in control.


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