Saturday, September 16, 2017


In the fourth installment of the series, Synesthesia, our hero knew and was friends with Jesus while he still walked the earth in human form. This gives our protagonist a unique perspective on what happens to His teachings later.

We need to remember that the person we call Jesus today was likely named יהושע בן יוסף in His day. Translated that means, Joshua, son of Joseph. I’m not trying to be irreverent; I’m explaining the times to you. Jesus is a rough Greek equivalent of the name. His close friends probably called Him Joshua.

As you read through or listen to the novel (it’s out on audiobook now,), Eli doesn’t seem to have much direct interaction with our Lord except for the beginning and then close to the end of the book. Doesn’t that mimic real-life in many ways? Please remember that each part of the series is not only a part of a whole story, but they are also an allegory.

You can read the books and enjoy the tale itself, or you can look for some of the deeper meaning in each. There are layers to be peeled back if you choose to do so. My intent is to entertain, educate and evangelize as I bring the books to you.

 All Christians today can claim Jesus as their friend, but what would you give to have known Him in the flesh? I think that you will enjoy the interaction between Eli and Joshua as you read or reread Synesthesia.

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