Friday, September 15, 2017


‘Grumpy’ Sanders is pushing for a one-payer health care system, and many of his liberal colleagues are joining him. For those of you who do not understand what a one-payer system is, it just means a health care system that follows the communist model. There is no longer any competition, the government controls all aspects of your healthcare, but everyone pays the same amount. Let’s talk about that cost for a moment.

‘Batty Bernie’ has been pushing a hard-left agenda from the beginning. That is a communist government. This would have many advantages for him and his cronies and zero benefits for the average person. Like all communist regimes, the person at the pinnacle becomes a virtual dictator with the full might of the military behind them. The first price you pay is your freedom. A lot of people in this country seem willing to give that up for something they imagine to be security. So, next, let’s go into what that security entails.

In a socialist state, security means that you must depend on the government to feed, clothe, house, educate and protect you. Like all lying communist politicians, ‘Grumpy Batty’ is saying that these things will be free! How is this possible? If all these things are free, who is creating them and how are they getting compensated? If the government is handing me everything, why would I work? And that is where the illusion falls apart. This generation never knew about the two classes in the classless society of the old Soviet Union. You were either wealthy/political or poor/peasant. There were ‘special stores’ for the upper class, where luxury items could be bought while the lower class stood in line to get a loaf of bread.

Don’t’ want to work? That’s okay, you will get a basic monthly income. At the same time, new laws about everything will be enacted so that it is impossible not to commit a crime by just doing your normal day-to-day activities. You see, if you are a criminal, the State can put you into forced labor and then you are providing for the rest of society.

One-payer systems or socialized medicine also mean the worst possible medical care that there can be. This account was in one of my previous posts. It is indicative of what you get out of a one-payer system:

Sorry if anyone has been trying to get hold of me. I've been experiencing just how bad a state our National Health Service is in. I knew it was bad but it's actually 10 times worse & more chaotic than I thought.

To start with all I wanted was some decent pain killers. The GP & surgeon he sent me to thought, I should be an emergency admission to hospital. The hospital agreed but after hours stuck in the corridor waiting for a bed they admitted they didn't have one. On a plus note they gave me the pain killers I was asking for in the first place - result! My trolley was "parked" in the A&E entrance - patients were coming in by air & road ambulance with no one to treat them! One poor man in the corridor had his drip taken out and told he had to make his own way home as not sick enough! Absolutely shocking.

Even though I knew there were problems I was shocked at how chaotic it was. I didn't want to stay in anyway but having been told I had to be admitted and being left on a trolley in the corridor for 9 hours then umm sorry we can't find a bed is crazy (they did however waste their time coming out to the entrance every 2 hours to take my blood pressure etc.) especially when if the GP had just given me the pain killers I wanted when I wanted them I wouldn't have even been there in the first place. They got annoyed when I changed out of the gown and put my own clothes back on. It wasn't exactly warm out there! And the amount of time ambulance crew had to wait to log into 1 computer they all shared every time they brought a patient in and then again when they left was ridiculous.

My friend above lives in one of the English-speaking countries that has socialized medicine.

There is one more aspect to the socialized medicine plan that everyone should consider and that is taxes. The government is not going to be able to shoulder the burden with the current tax structure. Most Americans pay around 30% of their paycheck in taxes, are you ready for over 90%? The social programs, including the one-payer system, has to be paid for somehow.

No, little Bernie, go away and play the cantankerous, grumpy old fart with someone else. The American people don’t need or want you, they already showed you that in the last election cycle.


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