Tuesday, October 11, 2016


The Senses Novels ‘universe’ takes place in an undetermined future. It could be that it has already started or it could be that it is waiting to begin. There are no current dates given. That was done on purpose to make the story as timeless as possible.

The problem with this type of structure is that there will be references to things that others will not understand at a future date. It can’t be helped because I need to be able for the reader to relate to the novels as they are today.

There is another problem that we face, not just me, all of us. As I write these stories, there is a crisis of faith in the U.S.A. The statistics indicate that fewer people are a part of ‘organized religion’ every year. Yet, when you poll the masses, most will tell you that they believe in God. The Senses Novels are Christian based, and that is an important theme throughout all of the books. So, what has happened?

I cannot tell you with any certainty what I believe has happened to faith in our country. I can tell you that as more people attend college where the liberal point of view prevails and as more of the fundamental laws as laid down in the Bible are thrown out in our culture, faith seems to decline. What is replacing it?

The religion of science seems to have captured everyone’s attention, including the most visible religious leaders, such as the Pope. The THEORY of evolution is taught as fact. The concept that people are born with a predilection toward homosexuality in their genes is being taught as fact. The idea that the unborn don’t feel pain or respond to their environment is being taught as fact. None of these are true. Evolution has not been proven, it is still a theory, show me more than a single complete fossilized skeleton of a transitional human, and you might convince me. Children are born male or female, with the very occasional mutation. If there is a hormonal imbalance that seems to make them more masculine or feminine, that’s all it is, and it can and should be corrected. The unborn react to stimuli and feel pain; you can see it if you don’t put blinders on so that you can justify aborting them. All of these erode the foundations of faith.

If you are looking for a Christian based science fiction series that explores what the end-times might look like, I would recommend that you start with the first volume in the Senses Novels series. AURA is available exclusively on Amazon.

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