Monday, October 10, 2016


In the third book of the Senses Novels series, TA’AM, we are introduced to a little girl with the power to bend time and space. Her ability allows her to travel back in time for a brief period before she is forcibly pulled back to the present.

I am sure that some physicists will argue with me, but the truth is that time is not a ‘thing,' it is a measurement. When we talk about the fourth dimension, we speak of time. Think about the other three dimensions that we are intimately familiar with, height, length and depth (or width) and you begin to see what I mean. Each is a measure of something. Time is a measure of entropy.

Time has been standard fare for science fiction writers for over a hundred years. It is a great plot device but is it possible to travel in time. The answer is yes. We all do it. We are all moving forward in time. The real question is, can we move backward in time or forward beyond our present speed in time? I don’t know, but I doubt it, at least at a practical level.

According to Einstein, the faster you go, the more time compresses. In other words, as you approach the speed of light, subjective time may not seem to have changed, but in reality, it is slowing. It might be that if you were to go 9/10 the speed of light, the and then stop, the universe around you might have aged significantly while you stayed the same. As for going backward, that might be a little more difficult.

There is no substantial evidence that points to anyone traveling back in time. If it were possible, one would think that we might talk with time travelers now and then. Who knows, though? Maybe they just don’t want to mess things up so badly that they don’t have a world to return to.

TA’AMs ability to travel back in time has a profound effect on her and those around her. In future novels, it will become even more important as our heroes begin to gather for the final battle with humanity’s greatest enemy.

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