Wednesday, October 12, 2016


There isn’t a lot of technology used throughout the Senses Novels series. It isn’t that I am a technophobe, not at all! I love all the latest gadgets. But there is a problem with technology.

As I write this, one of the internet mail services that I depend on is entirely down. It is either the second largest or the largest one in use. Now, in the novels, there is a disaster that may or may not have rendered most electronics useless. I haven’t delved into that much because the focus of the story has been elsewhere.

In future novels, more technology may be added. I would have to show not only its benefits but its failings as well. This morning being a prime example. If you do business through email on the internet, you are in trouble when something like this happens. If you are an indie author and use that email to keep in contact with your fans, publishers, and advertisers, then you are in big trouble.

Technology can be wonderful, but it can be very dangerous as well. Yesterday a major electronics company told all of the users of a particular phone that it makes to turn them off. They have a tendency to catch fire. They have stopped all sales and are issuing a recall. How do things like this happen in a day and age when quality is considered to be so key to business?

In the current book that I am writing, I am fairly certain that I will touch on our technological advances and downfalls. But I am not going to spend a lot of time there. It isn’t what the books are about. If you are interested in learning what the novels focus are, you should start with AURA. All of the Senses Novels are found exclusively on Amazon.

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