Tuesday, October 18, 2016


While you are all waiting for book four to come out, I thought that I would give you something to read.


A miniseries set in the world of the Senses Novels


To be honest, my shelter wasn’t the best-kept secret. I’m pretty sure that my wife had told every relative that we had about it, and I know that my kids complained about it to their friends. I’m guilty too; I bragged to my friends about having a ‘safe place when things went south,' more than once. I shouldn’t have been surprised that someone was knocking.

I still pulled out my 9mm and held it when I went over to the steel door. There was no way that you could hear through the door once it was sealed and the electronics on the intercom were fried. The only way I was going to know who was out there was if I opened the door.

I had a choice to make. I could just wait it out and see if they went away or I could take my chances and open the door. Maybe it was my wife come back to check on me? I guess I’m just too much of an optimist; I decided to open the door.

I pulled back the lever on the locking mechanism and stood back and to the side. If someone came rushing in, I wanted to be ready.

My teenage son, Tony, walked slowly through the door with his hands extended out in front of him. He wanted me to be sure that whoever it was had no weapons. When I saw who it was, I grabbed him into my arms and pulled him tight.

He hugged me back and then pulled away. “Dad, you have to come quick. I managed to escape, but they still have mom and Nicole!”

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