Wednesday, October 19, 2016


While you are all waiting for book four to come out, I thought that I would give you something to read.


A miniseries set in the world of the Senses Novels

Part V

My first instinct was to rush out the door to save my wife and daughter. It doesn’t make sense, I know, to want to rescue that woman, but instinct and sense tend not to come within miles of each other.

Instead, I took a long, deep breath. “Tony, tell me exactly who has them, where they are and what their situation is.”

“There is a camp about ten miles south of here. It says FEMA on the signs, but the men inside aren’t aid workers. They are all dressed in black uniforms, and every single one of them has some type of gun. We were walking along the road, and a truck came roaring up. It was the first working vehicle that we’d seen. A bunch of guys jumped out of the back and grabbed us. They didn’t say anything; they just threw us in the back, and the truck took off again. Every time one of us complained, we got a kick in the ribs for it.

When we got to the camp, they threw us off the truck into the mud. As we were standing up, more guys came up and pointed their rifles at us and told us to get inside the fence. Just then another truck came in and distracted them; that’s when I took off.”

This was the kind of situation that had had a lot of people worried. The government was turning on its own citizens. If these were actually aid workers, there’d be no need of herding people in at gunpoint.

“Tony, did you get a look at the camp? About how many of the men in uniforms did you see?”

“There had to be thirty or forty of them, dad. At least those were the ones outside. I don’t know how many might be inside the couple of small buildings that I saw.”

I was thinking. How was I going to get the rest of my family out of what amounted to a concentration camp? To do it properly, I’d need more men and more firepower. I had never joined any prepper or militia groups and didn’t know anyone else like that.

I needed to check the place out myself and see if there were any weaknesses, something that I could exploit. I knew that Tony wouldn’t stay behind even if I ordered him to. So, I began to make up small packs for the both of us.

It was already getting dark, but that would be the best time for us to travel. I gave Tony a set low-light goggles and put my own on. He had the .22 rifle that was his favorite weapon and I had my AR with the extended dual magazines, completely illegal in the great republic of Illinois but who cared?

We started travelling south, off of the road and staying as low as we could. It was going to take us a very long time to get to the camp since I insisted that we be quite and careful where we stepped.

I hadn’t counted on there being night patrols with far better equipment than mine.

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