Tuesday, September 6, 2016


TA’AM is book number three of the Senses Novels. There is a particular part of the book in which the heroine and her companions are betrayed. As a consequence, there are several deaths and the heroine herself unwittingly has a hand in this.

While the plot device was necessary to demonstrate some of the unique aspects of our heroine’s abilities, the entire scene should have left the reader with at least one burning question. The one who betrayed them was never exposed, so who was it?

The tools of the enemy that our band of heroes faces throughout the series have shown that They have no desire to die, so another question that arises is, did the betrayer perish in the disaster that it engineered?

There is still a lot of mystery, adventure, and action ahead in the series. If you are a first time visitor and any of this has intrigued you, I would recommend that you start with book one of the series, AURA. I have made AURA FREE for you download at Amazon.

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