Monday, September 26, 2016


At the front of each novel is a disclaimer letting you know that the books are a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons alive or dead is coincidental. That doesn’t mean that the individuals in the novels are not based on personalities that I have met in my life. They are not the particular person; they couldn’t be because I don’t know all of the facts of anyone’s life but my own.

The personality sketches that I draw for my characters must hit chords in people. I have had several people ask me if a someone in a book was based on them. My only answer to them is that the books are fiction using my interpretation of the Bible as their foundation.

I will admit that some of the characters play up a particular aspect that I found in an individual, but they are elements that you can find in almost anyone. We all have just about every personality trait that the characters demonstrate throughout the novels. Most of us lean heavily on a few of those traits and these become associated with us by some people.

I think that watching people play out their emotions and aspects of their personalities is fascinating to watch. As an author, one of my jobs is to focus on individual traits and embellish them for the story.

If you haven’t started the series yet, I recommend beginning with book one, AURA. You can only find AURA on Amazon.

And the bargain price for DULCET, book two of the series is ending at the end of this month, grab it while you can.

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