Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The books of the series can be viewed as stand-alone even though they actually build upon each other. Each novel adds a layer to the last one, and there are multiple levels of meaning and allegory within the pages of each book.

A significant part of the entire series is exactly that, allegory. While most people will read the books and take the story at face value, some of you know that there more beneath the surface. If you look carefully at the characters, you can see how their respective strengths and weaknesses play out against each other. Let’s take for example our two favorite girls from DULCET.

We have one girl who is thoughtful and fairly deliberate in her actions while her best friend is impulsive and daring. When the one says walk, the other says run. This dynamic is not an accident of writing; it is a deliberate contrast meant to show that both sides exist in each of us. This leads us into another area, motivations.

I would caution my readers to consider the motivations of each of the characters in the novels carefully. Jacob, Laya, and Judith are all driven by something different in their battle against the evil that they face. On the surface, their drivers may seem similar, but when you consider the backgrounds of each of these characters, you will see that they are very different.

If you haven’t started the series yet and are interested, you can begin with the first novel, AURA exclusively available on  Amazon.


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