Friday, September 9, 2016


So far in the books, we have met one person that is quite insane (reference book number three, TA’AM.) That doesn’t mean that there won’t be others as the series continues. Some individuals in the novels may start out that way; others may be driven that way by circumstance.

Madness is not always what you might think it is. Real insanity is defined by the majority, not a textbook. If your actions or beliefs go against societal norms, then you may very well be judged insane. In my opinion, that doesn’t mean that your view of the world and events isn’t valid.

That is one of the primary points of the Senses Novels. Our heroes do not perceive the world the same way that the rest of the world does. Their actions and beliefs could easily be considered mad by our definitions.

If you are curious, and would like to explore this further, I suggest that you start with book one of the series, AURA. You can now download AURA in eBook format for FREE from Amazon.

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