Monday, September 12, 2016


For those of you that have read any of the novels, I’m sure that you’ve run into my peculiar sense of humor. Even though our characters are faced with the direst of situations, there is still time for enough of real life to intrude that silly things can happen.

While the books are fiction with some of what you are reading based on fact and experience, I try to make them feel like they are things that could and do happen every day. From Clarisse’s uninhibited mouth to TA’AM’s unexpected encounter with a trio of hunters, funny things happen all the time. I think that the most humor is found in book number two, DULCET.

In DULCET I spend some time on the teenage years of our heroine and her closest friend. I am not and have never been a teenage girl, but I’ve raised more than a couple. It is evident that teenage boys and teenage girls are ruled by two completely different types of hormones. With teenage girls, I have dubbed the hormones, HD for High Drama, and to parents, while we love our children, it is absolutely hilarious to watch.

Save the whales, the environment, the starving, the homeless, the cats, the dogs and we must do it all NOW. That, coupled with, will he think I’m fat, skinny, too short, too tall, not pretty enough, have bad hair, have a bad complexion, not as good as her, wear funny clothes, OH MY GOD!

I’m not trying to make fun of young girls, but they worry about EVERYTHING and the in particular things that they have absolutely no control over and can’t do a thing about. Breathe children, breathe.

The heroine in DULCET has an almost unimaginable ability. She has the power to affect all of the things mentioned above if she could learn to control her talent. While there is quite a bit of drama and danger because of this, it also leads to a number of amusing situations for her.

If I have piqued your interest, I would suggest that you start with the first book in the series, AURA. You can download the eBook for FREE on Amazon.

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