Tuesday, August 30, 2016


In the third installment of the Senses Novels series, TA’AM I introduce the character TA’AM, or Judith if you prefer. TA’AM has a unique ability just like all of the other primary characters of the books. But there is a difference with TA’AM, she is, as of the telling of her life story, still a child.

TA’AM grew to her present age in one of the harshest environments that a human possibly could. Imagine being severely scarred from horrible burns on your face and hands. Then further imagine growing up as a human child among nonhumans. Take this one more step and imagine, as a child, knowing that you are a significant player in a battle that will decide the fate of all life on earth.

Within many, I would say most, of us there is a core strength that we can draw on in times of stress and tragedy. There are some that will break or crumble under enormous shock or stress, but I have great faith in humanity and believe that those are the exception and not the rule.

TA’AM has a core strength that is greater and more resilient than any other character in my books. Perhaps it is the adaptability of childhood? While that may be a part of it, TA’AM is also extremely pragmatic. And, at least through much of the beginning of the novel, quite vicious.

If you are curious about the life of TA’AM, I would suggest starting with the first novel in the series, AURA. You can actually download AURA for FREE on Amazon.

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