Monday, August 29, 2016


In TA’AM, book three of the Senses Novels, we are introduced to another intelligent species occupying our world. Could such a thing be possible? Could there be creatures as or more intelligent than humans living on Earth that we are unaware of?

It will come down to the definition of intelligence. For most scientists, that would mean being self-aware. Are other living creatures self-aware? Many people would argue that dolphins demonstrate aspects of self-awareness. Other animals manage to communicate not only with their own kind but with other species. It is rudimentary for most, but it is there and has been since the dawn of time. Creatures making themselves look bigger than they are to scare off a predator is only one example.

If a gorilla or a dolphin can learn to communicate with humans, does that mean that they are intelligent? I think that people are looking for something more to define intelligence, perhaps it is the ability to see beyond the immediate?

Frankly, I believe that it is unlikely that we are currently sharing our planet with other creatures as or more intelligent than we are if we use the yardstick of attempting to predict what comes next. As far as I can tell, only humans look at a situation and extrapolate the possible outcomes. Most, if not every, other creatures live in the moment. Still, we haven’t been everywhere on Earth yet or seen every creature.

If you would like to learn more about the another intelligent species, I would recommend that you start with book number one in the series, AURA. You can get AURA for FREE on Amazon.

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