Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The hero in the first novel of the Senses series has an ability to ‘see’ and manipulate a world the none of the rest of us are aware of. I’ve written about auras before and how they’ve been captured with unique photography, how they’ve been illustrated through the ages and how many people claim to be able to see them. Jacob’s talent is a magnitude of order different.

The primary character in AURA can only see the life-force of things. That includes both the currently living and that which has once lived. Rock and metal are simply black objects without any features to him. As you will read throughout the novel, this presents Jacob with as many problems as it does opportunities. There is a question, though, is what our hero does magic or a miracle?

I have never met anyone who has not ‘wished’ for something to ‘magically’ happen. From what I can tell, the primary difference is in the source. Jacob’s ‘gift’ is almost certainly something bestowed upon him by God. By any medical definition, Jacob is blind. His eyes do not function at all. Yet, he sees the entire world and in such a unique way that his method of interacting with it does seem magical.

Magic is a poorly understood concept. I am not writing of stage magic here, which is simply slight-of-hand. I am referring to power or ability that is drawn from sources other than God. We often associate magic with the enemy of God, satan (no, that name does not get capitalized in my writing.) Any decent scientist will tell you that neither exists. Unfortunately, I have to disagree. I have seen both miracles and magic, things that science cannot explain, though I am sure they will try. And when all else fails, they would just tell me I’m delusional. That’s okay, d.e.n.i.a.l isn’t just a river in Egypt.

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