Thursday, August 25, 2016


The subheading repeated on all of the novels in the series, “Reality Is Not What You Think,” wasn’t selected by accident. More importantly, it is as accurate a statement as any you have ever heard. Why would I make such sweeping statements? Follow along.

Each of us is basically born a blank slate. While we have experiences in the womb almost from the point of conception (sorry pro-choicers, it’s true) they are mostly forgotten at birth. There are rare exceptions to even this. The moment that we enter the outside world, our senses are assaulted. Sound, sight, smell, taste and feeling are all suddenly activated. The interesting thing is that they are turned on at different rates and in different ways for everyone. This helps to form the foundation of your reality.

We all agree on things like tastes, colors, smells, etc. If we didn’t, the world would be total chaos. But that’s all it is, agreement. We do not see the same things, and I am going to give you a very simple example as proof.

Go and look in a mirror. Take a nice long look at your beautiful face (everyone is beautiful; you just have to look for it.) Now, ask someone to describe your face to you. What they see is going to be much different than what you just saw. Sometimes you can see this in photographs yourself (if you haven’t been obsessed with taking selfies.) People do not see the same thing, in the same way, we just agree on what we are seeing (or hearing, or smelling, or tasting, etc.)

Years ago there was a magazine called NOVA that liked to explore the cutting edge of science. There was one issue that I remember where a study had been done on how people perceived a person and themselves. It was fascinating to see that the individual’s kids saw him as this bent, mostly cranky, old man; the wife saw him as a graying, kindly looking gentleman with a vague sort of smile; he saw himself as much younger than his actual age, with a touch of black still in his gray hair and dark eyebrows, where they were almost entirely gray. We perceive reality differently from each other.

This is something called perception bias. It has an effect on every sense and is what defines your world. Reality really isn’t what you think it is; it’s usually much more.

If this has you wondering about reality and what someone who perceives completely differently than all of us (and doesn’t even agree on the same definitions), I would like to recommend that you start reading the series with AURA. You can download AURA completely FREE on Amazon.

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