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This is the third part of a mini-series in the world of the Senses Novels that is only being presented here, in my blog.

This material is copyrighted July 2016, by Kim M. Aul, with all rights reserved by the author. Any reproduction by electronic or mechanical means is strictly prohibited without the author’s express written permission.

Part 3 – Salvation
      I am in a place that the humans call ‘San Francisco.' It is a city on the coast of one of their major continents. We are herding as many of their kind as we can together so that we can watch as they perish from the radiation now filtering through the atmosphere. Those that do not succumb will be exterminated by other means.

      It is only a short span since the poison from the bombs has filled the air of this world. I/We are not affected, since we are not living matter. There is an uneasiness that I/We are all beginning to feel, the start of fear. The Master is angry/upset/confused.
      There is an unusual glow filling the sky and air around us. It has an iridescence that I/We should not be able to see since our color vision is limited. It is slowly fading though as it seems to be seeping deep into the ground of this planet.
      There is confusion among Us. The Master is demanding silence and observation. Some of Us report that there seems to be a blinding brightness coming from a place deep within one of this world’s oceans. It is as though a cold star has been born within the sea.
      I/We scream in terror as the glow that we were observing seems to come rushing back out of the earth! There is something horribly alive about it! The Master is raging at Us. Many of Us are being tortured to death by The Master for some failure that we do not understand!
      What has happened defies sanity! The radiation is gone. There is no trace of the poison left in the atmosphere. High above us, there is a glowing object, a small new moon that causes each of Us to fear as we gaze upon it.

To be continued.

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