Tuesday, July 12, 2016


This is the second part of a mini-series in the world of the Senses Novels that is only being presented here, in my blog.

This material is copyrighted July 2016, by Kim M. Aul, with all rights reserved by the author. Any reproduction by electronic or mechanical means is strictly prohibited without the author’s express written permission.

Part 2 – Destruction
      The missiles are in the air! In a few minutes, the death of this world will begin. We do not feel joy or elation, but we do feel satisfaction when we know that our job is nearing its completion.

      Some of us are watching the bombs as they approach their targets. Yes, those observing will cease, but that is their function, and they are serving it out. But, there is something wrong.
      I/We are watching as many of the rockets seem to disappear or fall apart. The initial explosions went as planned, but they were few. The two countries that we expected to fight with their full complement have stopped. The plan was that they would fully engage and others, the allies of both sides when then also become embroiled.
      Still, enough bombs have exploded that this world is poisoned. Soon enough nothing will be able to grow; nothing will be able to live for any time on the surface. Those that seek shelter will only survive a short span longer. We have succeeded.

 To be continued.

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