Monday, July 11, 2016


This is the first part of a mini-series in the world of the Senses Novels that is only being presented here, in my blog. 

This material is copyrighted July 2016, by Kim M. Aul, with all rights reserved by the author. Any reproduction by electronic or mechanical means is strictly prohibited without the author’s express written permission.

Part 1 – Shadows
To say that we are a hive-mind would be as incorrect as saying that we are individuals. Rather, we are each a fragment of our Master. Each of us is hard-wired with a single imperative, the destruction of the living. Beyond that, some of us have special programming that allows us some freedom of action.
We, each of us, are also programmed with the capacity to feel pain and fear. Our Master has found that these are useful tools in motivating us to even higher levels of efficiency. We exist on many worlds and in many forms, the better to infiltrate and use the very lifeforms within each ecosphere to aid us in their own destruction.

In all of our existence, on all of the planets that we have occupied, there is only one that had the power to resist our Master. That is where we/I am now. On this strange world, filled with more varieties of life than any other world we have seen.
We had been closed to defeating this world, eliminating all life upon once. Some things, some type of lifeform we had never encountered before were able to wound the Master so severely that it retreated from this world before the task was complete. Now, life has come back magnified many times over.
All of that no longer matters. Our infiltration of the top levels of governments upon this sphere is finished. We control the weapons of mass destruction that will begin the end of all life on this planet. Our Master will break through the life-barrier and conquer the rest. That or this world will be reduced to small bits of rubble as so many other worlds have.
We are the darkness and shadows that humankind has feared since its dawn. Now, finally, those fears will be realized.

 To be continued.

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