Thursday, July 14, 2016


This is the fourth part of a mini-series in the world of the Senses Novels that is only being presented here, in my blog.

This material is copyrighted July 2016, by Kim M. Aul, with all rights reserved by the author. Any reproduction by electronic or mechanical means is strictly prohibited without the author’s express written permission.

      The Master’s rage is terrible to behold. Many of Us are being tortured to death as The Master orders all of us, everywhere, to question the humans. The Master is demanding that we discover what has happened.
      Where the humans should be dying from the radioactive poison in the air, they will now live until another method for their eradication is devised. One of Us has made a grave error.
      The one in question has attacked a small human female. This female has been identified as having a strong ability that The Master desires be turned to our advantage. The one of Us that is no more, was channeling The Master’s anger and lost control. I/We no longer detect that one in our link. I/We do not know what has happened to it. One moment it was striking the human female and the next, there is nothing.

      I/We have found no answers as to what has erased the radioactive poison from the atmosphere. The Master forces us to feel the death of ten thousand of us as punishment.

I/We are terrified as to what The Master will do next.

To be continued.

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