Friday, June 3, 2016


AURA deals primarily with the contemporary world and what just a few short years ahead might bring. While this is the setting and knowledge that Jacob, Rachel, and Clarisse have of the world around them, it is not what created the circumstances that allowed for everything that they do and will encounter.

The real history of our world is examined more in books three and the upcoming book four. In book three, TA’AM, we learn quite a bit about the prehistory of man, the story that is hidden in the mists of time. These books are designed to strip away the lies and misconceptions that we have been taught all of our lives.

AURA helps us to see what is happening now and what one possible future holds for us. That future is explored more in book two of the series, DULCET. It is the interweaving of these separate stories that form the picture of the world centered around the Senses Novels.

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