Thursday, June 2, 2016


Much of AURA was inspired by actual events. If you have read the book, that may sound scary or crazy. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, there’s a wild ride ahead of you. While many of the locations and names in the book were changed to protect the guilty, many of the activities were real.

One example of this is in the early portion of the book when Jacob has his first encounter with the family pet, a housecat. In the West, we are used to the concept of dogs being the pet protector of choice. In ancient times, in Egypt, cats were trained up as these guardians. While I don’t have the memory of Jacob, I have been told by my family that at only a few months old, long before I could speak, I had somehow learned to whistle. This fascinated the very rare, black, blue-eyed cat. The cat, apparently, would sit on the rail of my crib for hours and, after a time, became highly protective of me.

Obviously, there is fiction mixed in with the real events. But, like Jacob and likely, many of you, I have witnessed many inexplicable things in my life. 

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