Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Jacob is the central character in the first book of the Senses Novels series. He is technically blind. While he is not able to 'see' in the world as we do, he can sense the life force within all living or once living things. This poses unique problems as well as strange opportunities. Jacob's perception of reality is different enough from the rest of the world's that he should, by all accounts, be insane. Instead, Jacob adapts by somehow integrating his reality with ours.

Jacob is able to manipulate our reality by changing the conditions of his own. As we watch Jacob grow from an infant, we see through his eyes how he perceives the world and we learn that perception is everything.

All of us have unique problems and circumstances as we work our way through elementary, middle and high school. Some have to deal with bullies by either fighting, out thinking or surrendering. Jacob has other alternatives. With his abilities, he can change the reality around the bully and eventually, change the bully himself.

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