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Each of the Senses Novels begins with a very similar Prolog. The purpose is to introduce the primary character and set the mood for the series. Still, there is a story that goes before all of the stories in the books. To understand that ‘back story,' you will need to unlearn a couple of things. And for me, a person with a mathematical and scientific background, to bash science a bit.

In Genesis 1:1, most Bibles read something like, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” But if you go back to the original root words in Hebrew, which is descended from the much older Aramaic, a more literal translation would be, “(The) Head (or mind) of God created sky and land.” There is a significant difference between the two statements. The first one is emphatic that at the start of the universe, God first made the heavens, which is ambiguous enough to mean the sky or His abode, and the earth, our world. The alternate statement says that at some point, God made emptiness and matter. To be clear, it isn’t until Genesis 1:7 through 1:9 that we seem to have a heaven and earth.

The next act of God creating something in the traditional Bible is when He says, “Let there be light, and there was light. (Gen 1:3)”. Here, the literal translation is much closer, “God uttered shine, and it shined!” Note that God did not create the sun here, He simply had the universe give light. We learn at this point that light is good. Does that mean by implication that darkness evil? You learn some of the answers to that in the Senses Novels.

Stephen Hawking and others like him try to eliminate or marginalize the concept of God through science. The sentence that ‘The universe could and would have to create itself.’, is perhaps the most ridiculous statement I’ve seen in all of science. Supposedly, Hawking was referring to gravity as the force for creation, but where did the gravity come from? Then there will be the inevitable argument about the different kinds of space and waves, etc. My problem with all of this is that universe means everything, not one kind of space or a different dimension, everything. So how did the universe, a universe with what seems like immutable laws of physics (an intelligently designed set of rules?), come about?

What existed before ‘the beginning’, at least according to the Senses Novels was nothing from which God created everything. The human mind isn’t wired to conceive of nothing. We fill it with darkness or vacuum or something like that, but all of that is still something. One moment there was naught and the next, we had the universe with space and matter. Was it an explosion like the Big Bang? Remember that the whole concept of the Big Bang is based on supposed ‘background’ noise left over from it and the fact that everything seems to be getting further away from everything else. It’s theory, not a fact.
And when God spoke the word “Or” light filled our universe. As you will see in the final book of the Senses Novels series, these things are crucial.

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