Friday, June 17, 2016


A short detour now to book number three, TA’AM. TA’AM tells the life story (so far) of a young girl with three names. Her birth name is Judith, her secret name can never be revealed, but the name she has been called the majority of her life is TA’AM. It is her name and her talent or ability.

TA’AM is was disfigured almost from birth due to a horrendous accident that left her horribly scarred. This scarring caused her to lose certain senses and her ability is directly tied to this. I don’t want to give too much away. The book slowly peels back the layers of TA’AM’s ability to leave the reader with the shocking realization of just how powerful this little girl is.

In TA’AM we finally get a sense of just how large and powerful the true enemy of mankind is. Here, our heroes begin to understand just what it is that they face and the daunting task before them. It is in this book that they realize that the darkness is coming and that no one may survive.

If you’d like to start the Senses Novels series, you can purchase book one, AURA for only $0.99 on AMAZON.

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