Monday, June 20, 2016


The climactic scene in AURA centers around the sacrifice that Jacob feels that he must make in order to save the ones that he loves. In doing so, he manages to save the rest of the world, at least temporarily. One thing that I wanted to point out is that, to Jacob, saving the world was a side benefit.

We are all basically selfish creatures and Jacob is no less of one. While Christ sacrificed himself for all of us, I have to point out that even He acknowledged this selfishness and did not reprimand us for it. “What greater love has a man than to lay down his life for his friends.” This phrase does not tell us anything about being selfless, it is about taking care of our friends.

When Paul writes to the churches, he constantly talks about building them up and often says have nothing to do with unbelievers. Jesus, on the other hand, spent time with sinners because that is where he was needed. Still, even He gave His clear knowledge only to His disciples, everyone else got parables. He explained that they weren’t ready for the truth.

In Jacob’s case, the average person will never be ready for the complete truth. His focus was on Rachel and Clarisse; he could not let them die. Jacob would rather sacrifice himself than allow that. Fortunately for subsequent novels, he did.

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