Sunday, July 19, 2020


I am moving and leaving my beloved lake. As fans of my books know, the lake has been the calming inspiration that has helped me write the entire Senses Novels series. Now, circumstances are such that I must say goodbye, and it’s hard. These last few precious days that I have left to look at that small body of water are complicated right now by the extreme heat we are having and the fact that I’m involved in trying to get everything ready for the move. To be perfectly honest, I am so affected by the situation that I haven’t really worked on my latest novel in weeks except to add a word or line here and there.

I have moved so many times that, for me, a place is usually just a place. This time things have been different. Normally, when I look out my window and look at the lake in the early morning hours, I am transported to different places and different times. The lake has acted as a sort of lens helping me to see clearly the characters and situations that make up the stories I put on the page.

At this point, I have no idea where I will end up except to say that it will be somewhere in the state of Texas. How this will affect what I write and when it will be published is to be determined. I know that God has a special place and purpose for me through this, but like you, I’m human, and being forced out of my comfort zone is rough.

Georgia has been kind to me in so many ways, it will always have a special place in my heart. For the most part, the people here have exhibited that wonderful southern hospitality that they are so famous for. I am honored to call many native Georgians my friends.

The Lord has decided it’s time for me to have a new adventure. I pray that He opens my eyes to whatever it is He is trying to show and teach me. I also pray that every one of you reading this is and stays healthy and happy.

I leave behind a special place but know that He will put me somewhere just as special.


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