Monday, July 27, 2020


The conspiracy theorists are having a field day. According to these otherwise rational people, COVID-19 is all about getting President Trump out of office. They point to what they call ‘facts’ such as the much lower than predicted mortality rate (forgetting that we have the best health professionals in the world, just ask ANY of the foreign countries that send their people here to study,) and the supposed reporting errors that keep cropping up (forgetting that a HUGE number of people don’t go to the doctor when they get it, and that EVERY test ever created has a margin of error.) But let’s examine the idea that this is all about making sure President Trump doesn’t get reelected.

The Chinese must be at the top of the list of people wanting Mr. Trump out of office. You can’t blame them, our President wants balanced trade with them and that is something they haven’t had to worry about in decades. So, since we can trace the origin of the virus to China (if it’s real, we’ll get to that too) that must mean the Chinese manufactured a virus, infected and killed their own population and then infected the whole world just to make sure the U.S. got it. Clever these Chinese! Or, I suppose, it could have originated in bats just like most of these things do and then got into the human population just like a regular virus. Nah.

Perhaps the entire thing is fake! There is no virus. It’s just another form of the flu. Of course, you have to wonder why countries like Iran, who are friends of China, have mortality rates of over five percent from this flu. But what’s a few deaths between friends, as long as Trump is out of office, right? Why that sounds so rational…just say it out loud a few times.

Obviously I think the virus is real. I have friends who have caught it and tell of the lasting effects from it, something you don’t see from influenza. Do I believe that there is a concerted effort to unseat President Trump? Yes, but as usual most people, including the authorities, aren’t connecting the dots.

Look at the flags and symbols that the ‘protestors’ who are looting and ruining our cities are using. In 1962 Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union said, "We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have communism." If you want a conspiracy theory, how about asking, “Is there a coordinated effort for this social change by electing leaders who will cave to what these protestors want, communism?” Mayors who join the protestors or refuse to act when they take over large portions of their cities. Governors who get angry when the Federal Government acts to protect Federal property from vandalism. Members of Congress (specifically, some women) who scream and object when vandals and arsonists are arrested for their actions. Democrats may think this is progressive, but I will remind you that under a Communist regime only a very few will have the privileges you enjoy today. And if anyone from the news services is reading this, you should be shaking in your boots because there will only be a need for one news service under a Communist regime.


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