Sunday, February 16, 2020


The title of this blog post is a little understated. It should probably read, “Days I wonder about the things going on in our world.” I feel a deep sadness, not depression, genuine sadness at the divide in the United States of America. This fracture is being purposely widened by both major political parties and a host of smaller ones. For some inexplicable reason, we are being led down a path where we are supposed to hate anyone that doesn’t agree with our political views.

The media and the politicians themselves won’t refer to the issues as political. Instead, they call them social issues. They are only social issues in that the politicians want to change our society to fit their notions of what we should be in America.

If you go back to my books, the Senses Novels, you will see that I put this in the context of good and evil. To me, anyone that wants to force their views on someone else is evil. Some people today justify the use of physical force and their hatred by saying that the rhetoric from ‘the other side’ triggers it. That is another lie. People always have a choice and someone’s personal anger at what is being said by someone else isn’t an excuse for violence or slander.

I will flatly state that I am against Socialism and Communism. The evidence is plain that they are failed systems, causing only widespread pain to the populace where these governmental regimes are imposed. That is why a supposedly communist country like China has so much capitalism in it (go to the supermarkets there and you will find lots of competing products, a direct contradiction to the very soul of communism.)

Socialism is about taking what one person has and giving it to someone else (while the government keeps a cut.) Frankly, why would anyone bother to work in a socialist society? If I work but you are going to take fifty, seventy, or ninety percent of what I should be earning and hand it to someone who isn’t even in our country legally, what’s the point? Just print a bunch of worthless money and hand it out. Eventually, it will take a couple of wheelbarrows full to buy a loaf of bread, but hey, it’s Socialism.

Promoting an insurrection in this country is a crime. Yet what I see happening on both sides of the aisle is exactly that. Both major parties are almost demanding that we have another civil war. The last time I looked, the Constitution, that document every member of Congress is supposedly sworn to uphold, still was the guiding law of the land. Yet, they seem to want to change the Constitution or at least its meaning constantly. Let me phrase this as simply as I can:


Has everyone got that now? I know that the House of Representatives wants total control over the government. That isn’t their job.

I know that the President wants to be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. That isn’t in his job description.

What is the point when the media reports on how Congress passed this bill or that bill in direct conflict with what the President wants? Does anyone understand what a veto is anymore? NEITHER CHAMBER IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO MUSTER A TWO-THIRDS MAJORITY TO OVERRIDE A PRESIDENTIAL VETO.

So, why report on things that simply aren’t going to happen? To get the public angry? To cause more stress in our society, more violence? It is the media that gave us a useless impeachment trial. A tiny fraction of the House was demanding it, the media whipped it into a frenzy, and the Representatives that we would have thought were more stable than that felt that they had to go along. All.Because.Of.The.Media. Both rightwing and leftwing media.

I’ve said it many times before. The goal has never changed. Politicians, elected representatives, bureaucrats, all want one thing, control. They want to control how we think, what we do, what we own, how much we have, everything. And the media wants the same thing, only more so. After the last Presidential election, there was even a radio station that admitted they didn’t know how President Trump won, people were supposed to vote the way that they said, not think for themselves.

If we have to have another civil war, my suggestion is that everyone’s first target on both sides should be all the news and commentary outlets in the country. They are the ones dividing families and friends.


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