Saturday, May 18, 2019


Sorry guys, because the Senses Novels are Christian Fiction books, I can’t keep silent on this. Christian is the key word here.

There has been a ‘spate’ of, what even I will term, radical anti-abortion bills passed by many states lately. Whether you are for them or against them, I think that we need to clear up a few misconceptions (pun intended) about at least one of them.

The Georgia bill that was passed bans abortions at six weeks or when a heartbeat is detected. In the opening portion of the body of the bill, it states that this is done with the full knowledge and use of current medical science as to what life is. This runs counter to the argument that many ‘pro-choice’ advocates have that it is only a fetus and not truly alive.

It is worth noting that the Georgia Assembly took this idea about as far as they could by literally granting the growing child personhood. According to the bill, a woman can collect child support and claim the unborn child on their state income tax (I wouldn’t try Federal just yet.) In a sense, this is in keeping with many state laws that say harming a pregnant mother and causing death to the unborn child is a homicide.

Another notable part of the law is that the woman who undergoes the abortion is not prosecutable under this law. That’s right, she cannot be charged with a crime. It is the abortion provider that will be charged and possibly sentenced to life imprisonment.

The activists are screaming, “Stay out of my womb,” and “It’s my body!” The Georgia law acknowledges that and says, we aren’t going after you at all, we’re going after the killers. Yes, it will eventually have the same effect, but is a woman’s carelessness (not including incest or rape here) the fault of the unborn? What a woman is saying (at least what I’m hearing) when she says that she should have the right to abortion on demand is, “I should not have to be responsible for my choices.”

The claim that men have no right to decide what happens with a woman’s body may have some validity, but, at least in the case of the Alabama law, there were women voting for that law. And, if men have no right to decide what happens with women’s bodies, then every state law allowing hospitals to decide to ‘pull the plug’ must be repealed.

I recently read an article where the ‘pro-choice’ crowd tried to keep photos of aborted children from being shown to a group of lawmakers. I’m curious as to why? They are certainly free to show the happy post-abortion woman to these same people. Or is it that they recognize that mutilated bodies of children have more impact on the public than a smiling celebrity?

Have a nice weekend, if you are in one of the storm areas, please be safe.


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