Saturday, March 23, 2019


The Senses novels deal with many subjects on many levels, the unethical behavior of leaders and people, the radicalization and denigration of religions, the destruction or reengineering of our environment, and the corruption and radicalization of our politicians and political structure. There are others, what I would refer to as, sub-levels to the novels as well, but these are the main ones. Unfortunately, we are all seeing far too many of these play out in our everyday lives today.

With Mr. Mueller finally releasing his report on the ridiculously long probe into the Russian interference and collusion of our current President in the 2016 election, what I and others predicted would happen is occurring. The ‘Left,’ simply unable to wait for the findings to be made public, or as much of them as possible to be made public, has to ramp up the attacks on a duly elected President in an effort to delegitimize the report. This, of course, after the ‘Left’ attempting to pass action that would keep Mr. Mueller from being fired or influenced by the President, but inconsistency is one of their hallmarks.

It’s okay to rally around and protect a woman who’s evil and disparaging remarks concerning the Jewish population of our country cause a great deal of harm (kind of like something that the KKK or Nazi party would do,) but it heaven help us if the President of the United States decides to stand by the only really friendly power that we have in the Middle East. Please remember that the majority of the 9/11 murderers were from Saudi Arabia. It’s even okay to sweep the outright lies of a man attempting to start a race war under the rug (he’s black, he’s gay, he’s an actor, so it MUST be okay?)

What was once a party with at least a modicum of honor, has become a cesspool of corruption and moral turpitude. They are so desperate to get and maintain power that they are willing to destroy the very institutions that guarantee equality. Ideas like packing the Supreme Court by expanding it, lowering the voting age to sixteen, and giving undocumented aliens, noncitizens (see, I’m using their own words) the right to vote.

It’s time to end this nonsense. Calls for turning the United States of America into a socialist state are the very definition of treason, “aiding and abetting the enemy,” and any politician calling for such needs to be arrested and tried as a traitor. ANYONE knowingly violating their security clearance needs to be treated as a traitor (yes, start with Hillary Clinton.) Those who want to eliminate or change ANY of the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America need to be treated as traitors. ILLEGAL aliens need to be treated like any TRESPASSER. Does that make my stance on this clear enough for everyone?

The ‘Left’ believes that their ideas are progressive. They are not. They are designed to make the poor poorer, make the middle-class the new poor and put a very few at the top ruling over the rest. Venezuela, Cuba, the old Soviet Union, are all perfect examples of what I am describing. If socialist countries are so popular, why aren’t people immigrating to THEM? I laugh when I see China, and the Nordic countries listed as ‘successful socialist societies.’ Really? China, while maintaining a tight grip on their people is as capitalist as any country I’ve ever seen. What they are isn’t socialist, it’s an Oligarchy. Not one of the so-called ‘successful socialist societies’ is.

So, for those who are clamoring still for the President’s head over the 2016 election, go away. The real citizens of this country don’t need or want you.

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