Friday, February 22, 2019


As you progress through the Senses Novels in order, you see a world that becomes increasingly totalitarian. Where this is most glaringly obvious is when I describe the events happening in the United States of America during this period. That isn’t to say the same, and even worse things are happening in other parts of the globe, books five and six will graphically demonstrate that. My art parallels life.

One of the mistakes that people tend to make is in thinking about government as this large, unseen group of people. The government, or at least those that steer the ship, are usually a few high-profile people with a lust for power. People like Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So, why did I choose these three individuals in particular? Where is President Trump? Mr. Trump had a massive amount of wealth and power long before he became President, he didn’t need a political office for that. The three that I have listed are all in it for the power that political office gives them. I will never forget Ms. Pelosi’s, “This is my house…” speech when she became Speaker, it should have scared the hell out of every American citizen in the country. Sanders and Cortez are a two-headed lead nickel.

Sanders and Cortez both claim that they want a ‘socialist’ America. Yet, in socialism, there are not supposed to be wealthy and poor, it is supposed to be classless. So, Bernie with his three large houses and $180,000 sports car, should probably reassess what it is he really wants. Cortez wants to redistribute money that doesn’t exist, so this economics major thinks we should just print more…she should probably read about Germany in 1921 through 1923, but she might need a picture book and not just words.

The convenient memory of the Democrat party doesn’t allow it to remember that they were the inventors of the KKK and were the ones fighting to retain slavery in the South. It’s one reason that I’m not surprised to be finding photos of their politicians with black face on or wearing pointy white hoods. I think that the scariest part is, they want to go back to the days of slavery.

Think it through. The socialists, in order to pay for all the things they want, wish to raise taxes. If they had their way, they would raise those taxes to over 90%. They desire to have the government feed, clothe, house, and take care of your medical needs. All according to whatever standards they decide are best. Over sixty, well we need to cut your medical and put you into a group home, don’t worry, we’ll take care of that house that you paid for over the last thirty years. Total control of every aspect of your life. And far too many people want this because they see it as security.

If someone is feeding you, clothing you, housing you, telling you when and how long you must work, and not paying you, deciding where you can and can’t live, and restricting your access to travel, what is that called? How is it different than slavery? Yes, this is the dream of the Democratic Socialists. A very few who control everything at the top, you know who I mean, the ones who will claim that they deserve more and better because they must make the decisions for everyone. The slave owners, Pelosi, Sanders, Cortez, Booker, Harris, and their ilk. It’s happened every time this disastrous experiment has been tried.

…and they wonder why so many Americans want the right to keep their guns.


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