Sunday, January 6, 2019


What does it take to turn the world into what is shown in the Senses Novels? Look around you, look at the impasse in Washington, the inexplicable rage boiling everywhere, and the apathy of those who can do something about it. It should be obvious to everyone that nothing the House passes is ever going to get signed by the President. That’s exactly the way they want it because they wrongly believe that the country won’t blame congress for not getting anything done. The rage can only be explained in the context of the way that the media, conservative and liberal, present the news of what is happening in the world. The apathy hasn’t changed in the last fifty years, not since we as a nation have had a singular goal, such as landing a man on the moon, has the country been engaged.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, the media would have us all believe that the majority of the country is engaged in hating the President. Of course, that is a falsehood unless they also want to think that the country hated Mr. Obama at this point in his Presidency since the polling numbers are exactly the same, 41% approval. Naturally, what isn’t being stated is that polls show Congress is at a 26% approval rating. That’s right, it isn’t the President that the majority have a problem with as much as it is the House and Senate. What most politicians refuse to understand is, we don’t want you squabbling, we want you finding a way to get things done. And, taking a rock-solid position on anything, refusing to make any movement at all isn’t in the best interest of the country or their reelection chances.

It is sad to me that we, as a nation, are on a course that will eventually lead us to a kind of future my books predict. As we slowly relinquish our rights, any rights, for a false security of government protection, healthcare, etc., we lose the freedom of choice and the thought. That’s right, we lose the freedom to think the way we want because it becomes a crime to believe in certain things. It is no longer okay to think that boys and girls, men and women are different. It is no longer proper to believe that the majority rules. It is slowly, but inexorably, becoming wrong to think that everyone has the right to protect themselves against harm. Eventually, if a particular segment of the government has its way, the ‘wrong things’ will include religion.

Is it too late to turn the course of history? We have elected representatives that are so radical, the hair on my arms stand up every time they speak. These are the kind of people that the next generation of voters wants. The ‘give-it-to-me-for-free’ segment has grown too large, and we did it to ourselves. The parents that wouldn’t let their child skin their knees or hear a harsh word. The ones that believe everyone should be thought a winner, just for participating. Those who scream and rant at the teachers until the administration forces them to change a grade. The parents who allow their children to be taught opinion rather than fact by professors in colleges. It’s on us, not on the kids. We are creating a country, and eventually, a world that will be dominated by government control over every aspect of our lives because that’s what we have taught our children is good. The worst part is, some of you reading this actually believe that’s a good thing.

My books are allegories on several levels. Everything and everyone in them represents something in our world today. When I wrote the first version of AURA many years ago, it was completely different than what now exists. I changed, my view of the world changed, nothing I knew at the time showed me the path that we would eventually wind up on. We are a nation in crisis, and almost no one can see it. It isn’t a financial crisis or one of crime, it’s a moral crisis because, as a country, we have somehow sacrificed our moral compass for expediency. I’m talking about the basic things that once made us a place I was very proud to live in. Now, we kill millions every year, we disrespect the very people charged with keeping us safe, and we use the foulest of language as though it means nothing. Respect for the flag, the country, the President, our elected representatives, and our neighbors have vanished.

It all leads me to the question, is it over? Are we done as a nation? Is there any chance of redemption, of getting back to who we once were? Maybe you have the answer, I don’t, I just know where this path leads, and it isn’t pretty, read my books.


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